FreeBSD Networking Basics
Subject:   Acheiving connectivity on VMWare
Date:   2010-03-13 11:17:23
From:   5u623l20
Response to: Acheiving connectivity on VMWare

You need to work out something with the Edit->Virtual Network Editor. Opening the screen you will get some column with Name, Type, External connection etc. In the External connection column you will find one line with the "NAT" option. Select it. Will see some change in the following VMNET Information. Click "NAT Settings". Find the Gateway IP from the screen. In my case it is something like Exit using "Cancel". Use any IP other than 1 and 2 in the fourth octet and use the same IP you found in the previous step as gateway. Use the Resolver of your Host PC. Voila. It's done.

Usage :
Bridge - When you have extra handy IP of the same series of your host PC.
NAT - When you dont have the above.
Host Only - When you want to use some other VM and connect them inside the network without external access.