C is for Cocoa
Subject:   Now I'm learning something, finally!
Date:   2010-04-24 18:26:13
From:   c.d.stone
I just spent the last twelve-hours-straight reading through a pile of Apple documentation on Visual Cocoa and XCode; all, in the hopes that I could learn enough to turn my iphone os 4.0 app idea into reality. I managed to learn how to interact and use some of the features of xcode, but I couldn't really program anything. Suffice to say, I have a LONG way to go..

Anyway, after spending 15mins reading your first chapter here, I learned more Cocoa -- starting with what the "C" stands for -- than in the 12-hours of Apple tutorials. Thanks a lot for explaining the basic syntax and terminology. I can't wait to read through the rest of this. If I ever get my product to market, I'll be sure to remember you.

c stone