Using JMeter
Subject:   Jmeter Issue
Date:   2010-05-07 02:01:34
From:   joven1413
I am using the Web based application

1. Entering the URL address
2. Displays the Sign on page with user name and password
3. After entering the user name and password i will click on Sign In buttton...
4. Now the home page displayed

Here from the above steps i will record this scenario through Jmeter version 2.3.4

Note: for each user after clicking on sign in button a Session id will be created for that user.

Problem is when i try to run this scenario with 5 users the Session Id created for 1st user is applied for the other users. this is wrong .
For each user a new session id should be create but it doesn't

"Anyone please help me on this critical scenario"