Subject:   why are guys so stupid and why do they lie
Date:   2010-06-11 22:37:50
From:   tasty
Response to: why are guys so stupid and why do they lie

I agree with that. I am in a relationship with a lovely guy, but, there are certain things I have found out that were very distasteful. I moved half way over the world to live with my man so if he ever does anything nasty to me I will be on the first flight home. He does have single friends who would be delighted if we broke up tomorrow. The reason I am on this site is due to me finding out my partner is excepting pictures of his friends latest catch, on his mobile and they are in his saved messages, nude...made me feel really sick to the stomach, as my partner was willing to accept these pics and he said nice show to his friend, really makes me think. My partner does not know I saw them, as I used his phone to text and they popped up. Im an insecure person when it comes to my body so it just makes me feel even more insecure...i dont know what to do??