ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   CFMX and DWMX
Date:   2002-09-21 12:53:59
From:   anonymous2
I have installed CFMX on Jaguar successfully.

1. I used just Windows XP, and not DOS, to copy files. Probably it doesn't matter, how the files are transfered.
2. I used Red Hat 7.3. No problems.

Today I tried to connect from DWMX to CFMX, but something went wrong. Anyone tried it? Will the both apps co-operate together?

Is it possible to use Filemaker 6 with CFMX?

PS. I am a novice with ColdFusion.

(Wojciech Miskiewicz)

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  1. CFMX and DWMX
    2002-09-21 18:37:44  dicklacara [View]

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