Books That Have Shaped How I Think
Subject:   Islandia
Date:   2010-07-16 15:13:30
From:   glennho
Am very happy to see Islandia listed - lots to be gleaned from that book - unmeeting wishes, etc -- all without the hippie trappings of "grokking in fullness" that Heinlein gave us (that also probably inspired and perhaps stretched us, but who would admit it now...). The book Islandia is apparently only a fraction of what Wright wrote about this fictional land that he developed over decades, and often discussed with his family as if it were a real country. Would that it were real, I'd be there in a heartbeat.

Your mention of Dune reminds me of its movie's opening here in Seattle - local sci fic clubs in attendance, in a pit of a decrepit old theatre where your shoes stuck to the filthy floor, and every other seat's hinge was busted or upholstery ripped; the showing was so bad (the curtain was still in after it started, the sound kept coming and going), that the crowd became unruly enough that the police were called.

Now I have more books for my reading list. Thanks.