MacBook Pro: The Thermal Paste Question
Subject:   heat and Mine
Date:   2010-07-17 02:57:42
From:   MBP2006
well ok I got my MBP way back in like april 2006 and until i was able to confirm or not that everything was working, with tools like fan control @ 1st one Fan was not at all spinning once i got my MBP hands using that lol so and at the time it was under warranty, got it fix..
and heat wise once i found a good way of being able to measure that later in 2006, was decent in the way that i wanted to use my MBP, like with boinc and @ total 100% usage now I don't really do that anymore cause it gets way to hot, which got me thinking since i will also be building my own quad core AMD PC next month and will also be using AS5 compound for that, that I should also apply some of it for the CPU's as well as the GPU on my MBP after i do some other things like getting it the insides a bit cleaned up, and keys cleaned up as well..
I still would like to be able to use this machine when i need too, or at least allow say my mom to be able to use it, but i really wanna be able to just prolong this Mac for as long as possible. Cause it is still a decent machine..
but lately i have seen temps of 90 C but then again it was pretty hot outside as well and i dont have Air conditioner which is also the most likely helpful cause of that as well.. so im gonna do everything from compressed air to keys rubbing alcohol cleaning, and AS5 application application..
i do know that the ICD 1.83GHz maximum operating temps is 100 C but still i wouldnt want it to really go that high, and u can confirm this by going to It was nice to see tho this up cause i needed a slight guide as well...