QuickTime Web Movie Secrets
Subject:   Movies and Pictures
Date:   2010-08-30 09:51:10
From:   Rodneyhenderson
Response to: Movies and Pictures

I am finishing a Iweb website. I am a recording artist and need to display several music videos on the site. I am a novice and don't know HTML code but have a basic understanding of it's workings. My problem is that I try to follow your methods of embedding but as you move from example to example I get lost(which parts of of which codes go where). I've tried using the HTML widgets but to no avail. Is there a way I could get a detailed example of one way to embed Quick time movies (for a novice)step by step. Maybe I could get a more detailed solution, tailored for my situation , hire someone to do it (could I afford you?)reference some detail ebook you have or any other suggestion?

I like your Lemur -click me- icon idea. I need 1. postage stamp type links at the bottom of page for several movies. 2. that open in one window (about 640x480 px)in the center of page over a back ground image. 3.something that downloads movies from my website root. 4. and works on IE browsers as well as firefox and safari.
I like the Pageot idea but I don't know what parameters I should fill in. Are there any instructions for using it that a novice could understand. What can you suggest? Thank you for your time.