Reading and Writing Excel Files with POI
Subject:   poi not updating the values with formulas
Date:   2010-08-31 13:02:55
From:   mastmast
Hi All,

I am working on the apache poi and I have having trouble in dealing with macros.
I have a main file and a reference file. Through programming, I pass the file in input file and then create a workbook with preserve nodes set to true. Then, I replace D5 cell by getting a value from a reference file and do workbook.write(). Now there are other cells in the workbook sheet that use the value in D5 cell. So, when I replace it, the other cell values that should change, does not change but after manually opening the file and double clicking on the D5 cell, every value is updated. So I would like to know if there is a way to change the other cell values on the fly.

I would really appreciate your response to my request.