Homemade Dot-Mac with OS X, Part 2
Subject:   Where is the httpd.conf for Jaguar?
Date:   2002-09-22 09:14:30
From:   anonymous2
I set up Jaguar's web server and replaced the plethera of pages with a single one (index.htm). It didn't work. Jaguar's Apache seems to be setup to detect language and it uses another extension for display. I had to change my index.htm to index.html.en (I assume this is english). I went into the manual and it stated that the settings were changed in a settings file named httpd.conf. I can't find it. The only thing that I can find is a file named that states it generates a httpd.conf file. How do I change the basic settings for Apache in Jaguar?

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  1. Alan Graham photo Where is the httpd.conf for Jaguar?
    2002-09-22 19:51:48  Alan Graham | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

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