Serve Your iCal Calendars Using WebDAV
Subject:   Clarifications
Date:   2002-09-23 21:33:55
From:   derrick
Thanks to those who have pointed out a couple problems going on here.

First the obvious: "htuser" as stated in the article should be "htpasswd" That was a typo that got through.

Next, as for the security issue, here's what the author wrote to me in response to my inquiry:
"Concerning the bit about the httpd.conf stuff -- the reader is right that I could have done better using
digest authentication. However, I'm not able to get it to work and I don't want to submit an article with instructions that aren't going to work for other people either. I'll play with it some more and see if I can get it to work tonight."

In the meantime, thanks again to those contributing to make this piece useful. It's a good idea and worth learning how to do for all interested. We should have this piece cleaned up soon. Your continued suggestions are welcomed.