The XML FAQ  Maintained by Peter Flynn

A. General questions
A.1 What is XML?
A.2 What is XML for?
A.3 What is SGML?
A.4 What is HTML?
A.5 Aren't XML, SGML, and HTML all the same thing?
A.6 Who is responsible for XML?
A.7 Why is XML such an important development?
A.8 Why not just carry on extending HTML?
A.9 Why do we need all this SGML stuff? Why not just use Word or Notes?
A.10 Where do I find more information about XML?
A.11 Where can I discuss implementation and development of XML?
A.12 What is the difference between XML and C or C++?
B. Existing users of SGML (including HTML: everyone who browses the Web)
B.1 What do I have to do to use XML?
B.2 Why should I use XML instead of HTML?
B.3 Where can I get an XML browser?
B.4 Do I have to switch from SGML or HTML to XML?
C. Authors of SGML (including writers of HTML: Web page owners)
C.1 Does XML replace HTML?
C.2 Do I have to know HTML or SGML before I learn XML?
C.3 What does an XML document look like inside?
C.4 How does XML handle white-space in my documents?
C.5 Which parts of an XML document are case-sensitive?
C.6 How can I make my existing HTML files work in XML?
C.7 Is there an XML version of HTML?
C.8 If XML is just a subset of SGML, can I use XML files directly with existing SGML tools?
C.9 I'm used to authoring and serving HTML. Can I learn XML easily?
C.10 Can XML use non-Latin characters?
C.11 What's a Document Type Definition (DTD) and where do I get one?
C.12 How do I create my own DTD?
C.13 Does XML let me make up my own tags?
C.14 I keep hearing about alternatives to DTDs. What's a schema?
C.15 How do I upload or download XML to/from a database?
C.16 How will XML affect my document links?
C.17 Can I do mathematics using XML?
C.18 How does XML handle metadata?
C.19 Can I use Java, ActiveX, etc in XML files?
C.20 Can I use Java to create or manage XML files?
C.21 How do I execute or run an XML file?
C.22 How do I control appearance?
C.23 How do I use graphics in XML?
D. Developers and Implementors (including WebMasters and server operators)
D.1 Where's the spec?
D.2 What are these terms DTDless, valid, and well-formed?
D.3 Which should I use in my DTD, attributes or elements?
D.4 What else has changed between SGML and XML?
D.5 What's a namespace?
D.6 What XML software can I use today?
D.7 Do I have to change any of my server software to work with XML?
D.8 Can I still use server-side inclusions?
D.9 Can I (and my authors) still use client-side inclusions?
D.10 I'm trying to understand the XML Spec: why does XML have such difficult terminology?
D.11 Is there a Developer's API kit for XML?
D.12 How does XML fit with the DOM?
D.13 Is there a conformance test suite for XML processors?
D.14 How do I include one DTD (or fragment) in another?
D.15 I've already got SGML DTDs: how do I convert them for use with XML?
D.16 What's the story on XML and EDI?