The XML FAQ  Maintained by Peter Flynn

C. Authors of SGML (including writers of HTML: Web page owners)
C.1 Does XML replace HTML?
C.2 Do I have to know HTML or SGML before I learn XML?
C.3 What does an XML document look like inside?
C.4 How does XML handle white-space in my documents?
C.5 Which parts of an XML document are case-sensitive?
C.6 How can I make my existing HTML files work in XML?
C.7 Is there an XML version of HTML?
C.8 If XML is just a subset of SGML, can I use XML files directly with existing SGML tools?
C.9 I'm used to authoring and serving HTML. Can I learn XML easily?
C.10 Can XML use non-Latin characters?
C.11 What's a Document Type Definition (DTD) and where do I get one?
C.12 How do I create my own DTD?
C.13 Does XML let me make up my own tags?
C.14 I keep hearing about alternatives to DTDs. What's a schema?
C.15 How do I upload or download XML to/from a database?
C.16 How will XML affect my document links?
C.17 Can I do mathematics using XML?
C.18 How does XML handle metadata?
C.19 Can I use Java, ActiveX, etc in XML files?
C.20 Can I use Java to create or manage XML files?
C.21 How do I execute or run an XML file?
C.22 How do I control appearance?
C.23 How do I use graphics in XML?