The XML FAQ  Maintained by Peter Flynn

D. Developers and Implementors (including WebMasters and server operators)
D.1 Where's the spec?
D.2 What are these terms DTDless, valid, and well-formed?
D.3 Which should I use in my DTD, attributes or elements?
D.4 What else has changed between SGML and XML?
D.5 What's a namespace?
D.6 What XML software can I use today?
D.7 Do I have to change any of my server software to work with XML?
D.8 Can I still use server-side inclusions?
D.9 Can I (and my authors) still use client-side inclusions?
D.10 I'm trying to understand the XML Spec: why does XML have such difficult terminology?
D.11 Is there a Developer's API kit for XML?
D.12 How does XML fit with the DOM?
D.13 Is there a conformance test suite for XML processors?
D.14 How do I include one DTD (or fragment) in another?
D.15 I've already got SGML DTDs: how do I convert them for use with XML?
D.16 What's the story on XML and EDI?