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Linux FAQ

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Linux FAQ

10. Frequently Encountered Error Messages
10.1. Modprobe Can't Locate Module, XXX, and Similar Messages.
10.2. Unknown Terminal Type ``linux'' and Similar.
10.3. INET: Warning: old style ioctl... called!
10.4. ld: unrecognized option '-m486'
10.5. GCC Says, ``Internal compiler error.''
10.6. Make Says, ``Error 139.''
10.7. Shell-Init: Permission Denied when I Log In.
10.8. No Utmp Entry. You Must Exec ... when Logging In.
10.9. Warning--bdflush Not Running.
10.10. Warning: obsolete routing request made.
10.11. EXT2-fs: warning: mounting unchecked file system.
10.12. EXT2-fs warning: maximal count reached.
10.13. EXT2-fs warning: checktime reached.
10.14. df Says, ``Cannot read table of mounted file systems.''
10.15. fdisk Says, ``Partition X has different physical/logical...''
10.16. fdisk: Partition 1 does not start on cylinder boundary.
10.17. fdisk Says Partition n Has an Odd Number of Sectors.
10.18. A Mtools Utility Says It Cannot Initialize Drive XYZ.
10.19. At the Start of Booting: Memory tight
10.20. The System Log says, ``end_request: I/O error, ....''
10.21. ``You don't exist. Go away.''
10.22. ``Operation not permitted.''
10.23. programname: error in loading shared libraries: lib x: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.
10.24. ``init: Id "x" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes.''
10.25. FTP server says: ``421 service not available, remote server has closed connection.''

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