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Apache FAQ
Linux FAQ

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Linux FAQ

4. Compatibility with Other Operating Systems
4.1. Can Linux Use the Same Hard Drive as MS-DOS? OS/2? 386BSD? Win95?
4.2. How To Access Files on a MS-DOS Partition or Floppy.
4.3. Does Linux Support Compressed Ext2 File Systems?
4.4. Can Linux Use Stacked/DBLSPC/Etc. DOS Drives?
4.5. Can Linux Access OS/2 HPFS Partitions?
4.6. Can Linux Access Amiga File Systems?
4.7. Can Linux Access BSD, SysV, Etc. UFS?
4.8. Can Linux Access SMB File Systems?
4.9. Can Linux Access Macintosh File Systems?
4.10. Can Linux Run Microsoft Windows Programs?
4.11. Where Is Information about NFS Compatibility?
4.12. Can Linux Use True Type Fonts?
4.13. Can Linux Boot from MS-DOS?
4.14. How Can Linux Boot from OS/2's Boot Manager?

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