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Apache FAQ
Linux FAQ

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Linux FAQ

5. File Systems, Disks, and Drives
5.1. How To Get Linux to Work with a Disk.
5.2. How To Undelete Files.
5.3. How To Make Backups.
5.4. How To Resize a Partition (Non-Destructively).
5.5. Is There a Defragmenter for Ext2fs?
5.6. How To Create a File System on a Floppy.
5.7. Does Linux Support Virtualized File Systems Like RAID?
5.8. Does Linux Support File System Encryption?
5.9. Linux Prints Nasty Messages about Inodes, Blocks, and the Like.
5.10. The Swap Area Isn't Working.
5.11. How To Add Temporary Swap Space.
5.12. How To Remove LILO So the System Boots DOS Again?
5.13. Why Does fdformat Require Superuser Privileges?
5.14. The System Checks the Ext2fs Partitions Each Reboot.
5.15. Root File System Is Read-Only.
5.16. What Is /proc/kcore?
5.17. The AHA1542C Doesn't Work with Linux.
5.18. Where Is the Journalling File System on the Net?

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