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Apache FAQ
Linux FAQ

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Linux FAQ

6. Porting, Compiling and Obtaining Programs
6.1. How To Compile Programs.
6.2. How To Install GNU Software.
6.3. Where To Get Java.
6.4. How To Port XXX to Linux.
6.5. What Is and How To Get It?
6.6. How To Upgrade the Libraries without Trashing the System.
6.7. How To Use Code or a Compiler Compiled for a 486 on a 386.
6.8. What Does ``gcc -O6'' Do?
6.9. Where Are linux/*.h and asm/*.h?
6.10. What To Do about Errors Trying to Compile the Kernel.
6.11. How To Make a Shared Library.
6.12. Programs Are Very Large.
6.13. Does Linux Support Threads or Lightweight Processes?
6.14. Where To Find lint for Linux.
6.15. Where To Find Kermit for Linux.
6.16. How To Use Linux with a Cable Modem.
6.17. Is There an ICQ Program That Runs under Linux?

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