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Apache FAQ
Linux FAQ

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Linux FAQ

7. Solutions to Common Miscellaneous Problems
7.1. FTP Transfers Seem to Hang.
7.2. Free Dumps Core.
7.3. Netscape Crashes Frequently.
7.4. FTP or Telnet Server Won't Allow Logins.
7.5. How To Keep Track of Bookmarks in Netscape?
7.6. The Computer Has the Wrong Time.
7.7. Setuid Scripts Don't Seem to Work.
7.8. Free Memory as Reported by free Keeps Shrinking.
7.9. When Adding More Memory, the System Slows to a Crawl.
7.10. Some Programs (E.g. xdm) Won't Allow Logins.
7.11. Some Programs Allow Logins with No Password.
7.12. The Machine Runs Very Slowly with GCC / X / ...
7.13. System Only Allows Root Logins.
7.14. The Screen Is All Full of Weird Characters Instead of Letters.
7.15. I Screwed Up the System and Can't Log In to Fix It.
7.16. I Forgot the root Password.
7.17. There's a Huge Security Hole in rm!
7.18. lpr and/or lpd Don't Work.
7.19. Timestamps on Files on MS-DOS Partitions Are Set Incorrectly
7.20. How To Get LILO to Boot the Kernel Image.
7.21. How To Make Sure the System Boots after Re-Installing the Operating System.
7.22. The PCMCIA Card Doesn't Work after Upgrading the Kernel.
7.23. How To Remove (or Change) the Colors in the ls Display.
7.24. Why Won't a Program Work in the Current Directory?

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