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Apache FAQ
Linux FAQ

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Linux FAQ

8. How To Do This or Find Out That...
8.1. How To Find Out If a Notebook Runs Linux.
8.2. Installing Linux Using FTP.
8.3. Resuming an Interrupted Download.
8.4. Boot-Time Configuration.
8.5. Formatting Man Pages without man or groff.
8.6. How To Scroll Backwards in Text Mode.
8.7. How To Get Email to Work.
8.8. Sendmail Pauses for Up to a Minute at Each Command.
8.9. How To Enable and Select Virtual Consoles.
8.10. How To Set the Time Zone.
8.11. Dial-up PPP Configuration.
8.12. What Version of Linux and What Machine Name Is This?
8.13. What Is a ``core'' File?
8.14. How To Enable or Disable Core Dumps.
8.15. How To Upgrade/Recompile a Kernel.
8.16. Can Linux Use More than 3 Serial Ports by Sharing Interrupts?
8.17. Configuring Emacs's Default Settings.
8.18. How To Make a Rescue Floppy.
8.19. How To Remap a Keyboard to UK, French, Etc.?
8.20. How To Get NUM LOCK to Default to On.
8.21. How To Set (Or Reset) Initial Terminal Colors.
8.22. How To Have More Than 128Mb of Swap.

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