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Apache FAQ
Linux FAQ

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Linux FAQ

9. Miscellaneous Information and Questions Answered
9.1. How To Program XYZ Under Linux.
9.2. What's All This about ELF? glibc?
9.3. How To Determine What Packages Are Installed on a System.
9.4. What Is a .gz File? And a .tgz? And .bz2? And... ?
9.5. What Does VFS Stand For?
9.6. What is a BogoMip?
9.7. What Online/Free Periodicals Exist for Linux?
9.8. How Many People Use Linux?
9.9. How Many People Use Linux? (Redux.)
9.10. What Is the Best (Distribution|SCSI Card|Editor|CD-ROM Drive|....)
9.11. How Does One Pronounce Linux?

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