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The O'Reilly Network Developer Survey

Fill out this survey--choose your cool O'Reilly prize.
2 Winners Each Month!

The O'Reilly Network is the place to find out everything you know about the world's leading open source development tools. And when you fill out this survey, you'll be entered to win a giveaway for the world's most popular technical books--prizes not available anywhere but with O'Reilly Network and its affiliates!

If you win, you can choose any book* in print from the hundreds listed on O'Reilly & Associates' site http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/prdindex.html
* under $50 value

Prizes subject to availability.

Please note: The information you provide is strictly used for demographic purposes. We do NOT sell or rent user information, email addresses, or cookie data to anyone. Please see our Privacy Policy for details.
1. What is your primary job function?
Programmer/Developer Web Designer/Producer
System Administrator IS/MIS Manager/Staff
Web Master Student
Consultant NA
2. Which of the following languages/technologies do you work with?
Apache Mindstorms Sendmail
ASP Object Database SQL
C/C++ Palm OS Tcl/Tk
FreeBSD Perl Unix
Java PHP VB Script
JavaScript Python Visual Basic
Linux Rebol Windows
Macintosh Samba XML
3. Which operating systems do you reguarly use?
Windows 95/98 Linux HP-UX
Windows NT Sun Solaris
Unix (any flavor) Macintosh
4. What is your role for making purchase decisions for technology products/services for your company?
Determine Needs Recommed purchases
Evaluate/test products Authorize purchases
Develop specifications Not involved
5. What is your company's annual budget for software and services?
1 million+ $250,000-$500,000 below $100,000
$500,000-$1 million $100,000-$250,000 NA
6. Which types of technology products and hardware are you involved in purchasing?
GUI/Visual/Graphic Programming Tools
Testing and Debugging Tools
Java Development Tools
Training/ Consulting
Middleware/ ORBS
Design and Modeling Tools
Web Development Tools
7. How many people work for your company?
2,500+ 500-2,500 101-500 51-100 1-50 NA
8. What is your level of education?
High School Masters (MA/MS) degree
Some college Doctorate (PhD degree)
AA degree Technical
Undergraduate (BA/BS degree) NA
9. What is your household income?
$0-$24K/year $50-$74K/year $100K+/year
$25-$49K/year $75-99K/year NA
10. Have you purchased technology products/ services online for business use in the last 6 months?
yes no NA
11. Do you plan to purchase technology products/ services online for business use in the next 12 months?
yes no NA
12. Which sources do you go to for product information when purchasing technology? (Select all that apply)
The Web
Articles in magazines/ newspapers
Advertisements in magazines/ newspapers
Advice from business associates
Direct Mail Catalogues
Trade Shows
Computer Dealers
Web Site Discussion Areas ( chat, email newsletters, threads, etc.)
13. Gender
Male Female NA
14. Age
Under 18 26-35 46-55 Over 66
19-25 36-45 56-65 NA
15. Tell us what you think, what you'd like to see us do differently, services you'd like to see us add, or anything else.
Please enter your email address so we can notify you if you are a contest winner.

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