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JavaOne photos - Wednesday
Java's 10th birthday rock and roll celebration (pictures) -- Scott Schram

Fortuitous Synergy
The perfect software solution may come along when you least expect it. -- Steven Harris

That's more like it
DARPA's challenge and a couple of Jini-related events round out day 3 of JavaONE 2005. -- Scott Andersen

Shale: The Next Struts?
The creators of Struts present Shale. -- Janice J. Heiss

Note for J1'06: BOFs and After Dark do not mix...
We were one of the BOFs that overlapped with the After Dark activities tonight... Guess where tired attendees went ... :-) -- Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart

PSP Giveaway Mobbed
We ran a small promotion here at the dev2dev booth at JavaOne... -- Jon Mountjoy

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JavaOne: Interoperability frustrations aired
Interoperability between Java and Microsoft .Net systems remains very much a work in progress, if discussions at JavaOne on Wednesday were any indication.  [InfoWorld]

IBM, Sun likely to continue Java rift
Just because IBM and Sun Microsystems made a show of playing nice at JavaOne this week in San Francisco does not mean the two companies have entirely repaired their rift over the development of Java standards, observers at the annual Java developers conference said.  [InfoWorld]

Sun Shares More on Database Plans, JDS
Although Sun doesn't aim to compete with major vendors like Oracle, it will include a database app in its operating system, says Executive Vice President John Loiacono.  [eWeek]

Sun unveils Java for RFID readers
Sun Microsystems announced Wednesday a new class of intelligent [RFID] readers with embedded versions of either Java SE (Server Edition) or Java J2ME (Micro Edition).  [InfoWorld]

JAVAONE: Sun mulls open sourcing Java Desktop System
Sun reconsidering whether to put JDS on Linux.  [JavaWorld]

How Java saved Africa
Did Nokia's decision a decade ago to adopt Java technology just force Pres. Bush change his mind about the amount of U.S. aid to Africa?  [C|Net news.com]



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JavaOne 2005: Participate in the Future of Java  JavaOne 2005 is touting the successes of Java, charting the next versions of Java's standard and enterprise editions, and calling on members of the Java community to participate in Java's future.   [ONJava.com]

BEA at JavaOne: Day 3  BEA is involved in a stack of activities at JavaOne. Read about our participation at the third day here at JavaOne.   [dev2dev Articles]

BEA at JavaOne: Day 2

BEA at JavaOne: Day 1

Java City: The Java Enterprise Ecosystem Java City: The Java Enterprise Ecosystem
Should we worry about promoting a healthy Java community? Or is everything just fine in Java City? Jim Farley asks you to weigh in on these questions, and others, in the Talkbacks, and next week at JavaOne. He plans a followup article summarizing what you have to say. Your comments may help to shape content in Jim's upcoming book, Java Enterprise in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition, due out in the fall.

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