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O'Reilly Network Javascript Library

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Plug-in Detection
This script checks to see if each visitor has a given plug-in. If they do, you can go ahead and serve them the page with the plug-in embedded. If they don't, you can either serve a plain HTML version of the page or point them to where they can download the necessary plug-in.

Extending Dreamweaver: Let Dreamweaver Create Your Menus
A custom object to be incorporated into Dreamweaver 3 or 4 to create a tree-style menu widget in a single click.

Word Counter: a New Dreamweaver Command
A small custom command to be inserted into Dreamweaver to let you calculate the number of words and characters of selected text or the complete document.

Creating Themes With JavaScript and CSS
Using this small function and a set of style sheets, you can let your users choose their favorite look for your site.

Simple Parser
A simple XML/XHTML parser written in JavaScript to insert plain markup into existing documents in an absolutely standard-compliant manner.

Word Counter
With this small function you can calculate the number of words in an HTML document or inside specified elements and include it into your document dynamically.

Forms Extension Framework (ForX)
The Forms Extension Framework is a set of attributes which are used as an addition to the elements of an HTML form. The design goal was to create a simple markup language, which could hide the most common scripting tasks when working with forms behind a simple set of attributes.