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Linux in a Nutshell

This directory of Linux commands is from Linux in a Nutshell, 5th Edition.

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rpc.yppasswdd [options]

NFS/NIS command. Server for modifying the NIS password file. yppasswdd handles password-change requests from yppasswd. It changes a password entry only if the password represented by yppasswd matches the encrypted password of that entry and if the user ID and group ID match those in the server's /etc/passwd file. Then it updates /etc/passwd and the password maps on the local server. If the server was compiled with the CHECKROOT=1 option, the password is also checked against the root password.


-D dir

Specify a directory that contains the passwd and shadow files for rpc.yppasswdd to use instead of /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow. Useful to prevent all users in the NIS database from automatically gaining access to the NIS server.

-e chsh|chfn]

Permit users to change the shell or user information in the GECOS field of their passwd entry. By default, rpc.yppasswdd does not permit users to change these fields.

-E program

Specify a program to edit the passwd and shadow files instead of rpc.yppasswdd. The program should return 0 for successful completion; 1 for successful completion, but the pwupdate program should not be run to update the NIS server's maps; and anything else if the change failed.

-p pwfile

Specify an alternative passwd file to /etc/passwd, to prevent all users in the NIS database from automatically gaining access to the NIS server.

--port num

Specify a port that rpc.yppasswdd will try to register itself, allowing a router to filter packets to the NIS ports.

-s shadowfile

Use shadowfile instead of /etc/passwd for shadow password support.


Print version information and whether the package was compiled with CHECKROOT.

-x program

Modify files using the specified program instead of using internal default functions. rpc.yppasswdd passes information to program in the following format:

username o:oldpassword p:password s:shell g:gcos

Any of the fields p, s, or g may be missing.

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