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O'Reilly Bioinformatics Technology Conference Coverage.

O'Reilly's Bioinformatics Conference: Photos from Day One


O'Reilly's first Bioinformatics Conference got underway in Tucson today, Tuesday, January 29. O'Reilly's interest in bioinformatics stems from its bond with the Perl programming language, which has emerged as a favorite for bioinformatics work. We wanted to meet some of the people doing bioinformatics work and provide a forum for learning and discussion on the confluence between biology and computer science, especially the open source variety.

Ewan Birney
Ewan Birney made several compelling points during his keynote talk. He told the audience not to fear open sourcing bioinformatics software.

Ewan Birney, Gina Blaber and Tim O'Reilly
After Ewan's keynote, Tim O'Reilly and Gina Blaber chatted with Ewan. Maybe they wanted a little clarification about Ewan's lack of enthusiasm toward XML.

Lincoln Stein on iMac
Lincoln Stein took a break from his responsibilities to check out the new iMac at the Apple booth.

Lincoln Stein
Stein had to get back to work though ... he was the after lunch keynote speaker talking about building a nation from a land of city states. The moral of the story -- research can be much more effective if we learn how to share information more efficiently.

Tim O'Reilly
Tim O'Reilly was just minding his own business at the close of the Interactive Data Visualization class, when he found himself engaged in conversation.

NCBI Booth
The Expo opened today also. Here's a break from discussing integrated access to DNA and protein sequence data at the NCBI booth.

LION Bioscience booth
Another conversation at the LION Bioscience booth. They provide integrated life science informatics software.

Crowded Classroom
Not only were the classes crowded, the audience was very responsive to the speaker's points.

Thomas Down
Thomas Down takes a break from the 3-day Hackathon that took place before the conference began.

Many of the Tuesday sessions were standing room only. Here folks crowd the door for Interactive Data Visualization.

Terminal Room
The Terminal Room is lined with PowerMac G4s and LCD screens. But of course nothing is better than having your own laptop and lots of bandwidth.

Chris Dagdigian
Chris Dagdigian is the founding member of the Bioperl Project. Those who know him, such as Lorrie LeJeune, say that this is a common sight ...

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