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Adobe GoLive Tip of the Week Split Source Code View in Adobe GoLive

Edited by Derrick Story

Adobe GoLive 6 offers an integrated "split source" display that allows you to view and edit your layout and source code simultaneously.

To reveal the split source, click the show/hide button in the bottom left corner of the document window. You can also choose View -->Show Split Source (Command/Control-Y) from the menu. Hold the Option (Mac) or Alt (Win) key when you select split source (button or menu command) to rotate the orientation of the two views.

Split Screen in GoLive
To create the split screen view, hold down the OPTION/ALT key and click on the split screen icon in the bottom left corner. Click for larger image.

To learn more about Adobe GoLive 6, visit Adobe's GoLive product page. If you want to learn more power user tricks, visit Adobe's Expert Center (Registration required).

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