OSCON Images, Day 1

by Julian Cash

No Cat

Adam Flaherty of nocat.net.

Adam Flaherty, nocat.net: Build community through networks and networks though community.

Image © Julian Cash 2002

Jesse Tilly

Jesse Tilly.

Douglas Adams said it best. "Insight is an amaizing thing. It took 1000 years of people to create doors before they realized they could put a door inside a door and then have a cat door." It's that type of insight I'm always looking for. Where's the obvious cat door that we haven't built? (www.duffbrew.com)

Image © Julian Cash 2002

Census Counter

Lisa Nyman.

Lisa Nyman: Perl helps us create user-friendly websites that deliver statistics easily understood by all.

Image © Julian Cash 2002

Three Virtuous Programmers

Tom Phoenix, Lisa Nyman, and Dave Cross.

Tom Phoenix, Lisa Nyman, and Dave Cross

Image © Julian Cash 2002


Theodore Todd Townsend.

I'm writing a piece on open source development and how it can help and how it relates to people with disabilities. (www.tedcam.com)

Image © Julian Cash 2002

David N. Blank-Edelman

David N. Blank-Edelman

Bring the parts of yourself together and share them with others. (www.otterbook.com)

Image © Julian Cash 2002

Sarah Burcham

Sarah Burcham.

Sarah Burcham: It's people! Open Source is people!

Keyboard created by sandwichgirl.

Image © Julian Cash 2002

Torn Ligament

Torn Ligament.

He tore a ligament in his right hand diving for his ibook which was falling off a table. He saved the ibook, but two weeks later his fiancé knocked it off the same table. He married her anyway. (www.jzip.org)

Image © Julian Cash 2002

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