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OSCON Images, Day 3

by Julian Cash

Perfect Strangers

Five Random People.

These are five people at the conference who didn't know each other. Part of the beauty of the open source community is that strangers work together. Of course then they're not strangers for long.

What have you given or would you like to give to the open source community?

  • Cory Bennett - Spider Eyeballs

  • Joe McMahon - A better perl debugger

  • Brett Hoff - Everything, I'd like to give everything. The open source community is like the best thing that's ever happened to me.

  • Gordon Johnstone - Support

  • Rebecca Hunt - Better gender balance + a media collection module

Image © Julian Cash 2002

Dan Sugalski

Dan Sugalski.

Perl 6 is a lot further along then many people think, and that's because of all the generous folks who've donated to the foundation, but the funding's running out. Don't let this happen. Donate! Help us finish. (www.yetanother.org/dan)

Image © Julian Cash 2002

Lincoln D Stein vs the worm

Lincoln D Stein vs the worm.

In general the quality of gene prediction is higher in worm than in human, if only because the sequence is finished and the genes are more compact. There are roughly 150,000 high quality ESTs and a few hundred full-length mRNAs. (www.wormbase.org)

Image © Julian Cash 2002

Gurusamy Sarathy

Gurusamy Sarathy.

Make happy memories! That is the only thing that counts!!! (www.activestate.com)

Image © Julian Cash 2002

Robert Spier

Robert Spier and Stitch.

At this point I've bought seven or eight Stitches. Lucky I get an employee discount.

Image © Julian Cash 2002

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