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OSCON Images, Day 5

by Julian Cash

St IGNUcius

Richard Stallman.

Richard Stallman as St. IGNUcius

Richard Stallman is an activist in the Free Software Movement, which he founded in 1983. The Open Source Movement split off from the Free Software Movement in 1998, and Stallman does not normally go to events labeled "Open Source". He participated in OSCON in 2002 as a "visitor" from the Free Software Movement.

Image © Julian Cash 2002

Dan Brian, Marie, Garron, and Tess

Dan Brian, Marie, Garron, and Tess.

Lingua::EN::Ambiguity is a Perl implementation of algorithms to perform statistical disambiguation of word senses; in other words, to allow programs to differentiate between the senses of a word within a text. Using this code, a system is made aware of differences between "car with wheels", "car on the rails", "car as in elevator", and so on. (www.brians.org)

Image © Julian Cash 2002

Just like love

Pier Fumagalli and Hillary.

Pier Fumagalli: I love introducing bugs, "NullPointerException, this is OutOfMemoryError. OutOfMemoryError, this is NullPointerException"...
Hillary: Just make it work, damn it!

Image © Julian Cash 2002



Most of us here on #perl are here because we enjoy hanging out with other people who use Perl. Most of us enjoy helping others with Perl problems and with learning perl.

As with most free software support systems, however, the avalanche of repetitive and trivial questions starts to wear even the most dedicated helpers out. This is my attempt to reduce confusion, help others help themselves, and reduce burn-out on the part of the nice people in the channel.

Image © Julian Cash 2002

Jan Hanseth

Jan Hanseth.

I'm jumping with joy that I can be so creative with open source software! The cool thing about my job is that I really can be creative. I'm both a programmer and an interface person because we all are in my group. (www.ragingwomen.org)

Image © Julian Cash 2002

Marshall DeBerry

Marshall DeBerry.

The FedStats web site provides the public federal statistical information such as crime and criminal justice information, population statistics, and unemployment rates for the benefit of the public.

Image © Julian Cash 2002

Milton Ngan

Milton Ngan.

Currently working on the production of "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. "I just wanted to meet the geeks behind the scenes." (www.wetafx.co.nz)

Image © Julian Cash 2002

Damian Conway

Damian Conway.

When your whole life is
up in the air, keep at least
one foot on the ground.

(the conway channel)

Image © Julian Cash 2002

Jeffrey Bates

Jeffrey Bates

It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the keys of the board that thoughts aquire speed. The tendons aquire pain. The pain becomes a warning. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. (www.slashdot.org/~hemos).

Keyboard created by sandwichgirl.

Image © Julian Cash 2002

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