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The Month in BSD: November 2004

by Sam Smith

Hi, and welcome to the roundup of what happened in the BSD-related world in the last month. It's been relatively quiet.


Wireless firmware licensing update

OpenBGPD released
"a free implementation of the Border Gateway Protocol, Version 4".

Hackathon Donations needed
"Magic happens when the developers get together in person; if you expect magic to keep on happening, we need your help."


5.3 Released

FreeBSD 6.0 and onwards
(covers improvements to processes)


Related Reading

BSD Hacks
100 Industrial Tip & Tools
By Dru Lavigne


PkgSrcCon 2005



Work ongoing

OpenNTPD imported
(not difficult to migrate)

Chroot within init(8)
(possibly a nice idea)


How the timers work in DF and FreeBSD


Apple open store in London



EuroBSDCon Roundup

Emerging Technology Conference

Xen released
(Emulation of multiple Virtual Machines; currently Linux, but FreeBSD soon)

How enthusiasts are changing our economy and society
"Everyone needs a hobby and government should invest in leisure activities to encourage community cohesion"

BSD settlement between USL and Regents of California published
It's a peace treaty between the parties.

Worth Reading

Sam Smith lives in Manchester, England, and works on interfaces to data. When he's not in front of a computer, he's usually in a theater, probably with MUGSS.

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