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Seasoned travel photographer Rick Sammon sits down with Derrick Story in the O'Reilly Media booth at PhotoPlus Expo '07 in New York City. In this podcast, Rick draws upon his experiences to offer good advice for photographers on the go.

Rick Sammon shares some of his favorite travel tips.

Rick Sammon shares some of his favorite travel tips during this podcast interview with Derrick Story. Photo by Colleen Wheeler

One of my favorite Sammon tips is to wear a photo vest while boarding a plane. It enables you to carry extra gear without lugging around an extra carry-on, which probably wouldn't be allowed anyway. Plus you have space to store valuables in the event that carry-ons are unexpectedly prohibited. Rick talks more about this travel tactic (and shares lots of other goodies) in this podcast.

(Digital Media Podcast Series: PhotoPlus Expo 2007, October 2007: 15 minutes, 46 seconds)

Derrick Story is the author of The Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers, The Digital Photography Companion, and Digital Photography Hacks, and coauthor of iPhoto: The Missing Manual, with David Pogue. You can follow him on Twitter or visit www.thedigitalstory.com.

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