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Classic Bestsellers and Copyright

by Nat Torkington
Sep. 4, 2003
URL: http://eliot.landrum.cx/archives/2003/08/21/classic_bestsellers.php

Eliot Landrum did a great thing. He took Book Magazine's chart of best selling classics and tracked down the time at which they would (or have) entered the public domain. The result is a very intriguing table. Assuming Congress doesn't do yet another end around on the copyright expiration law (as if), my kids will be going to University just as Hemingway enters the public domain. How will this change the ways they read and enjoy these classics? My wife and I just sat down with a financial planner and saw how much it will cost us to send our kids to college, and all I can say is that the more texts in the public domain, the better!

Nat Torkington is conference planner for the Open Source Convention, OSCON Europe, and other O'Reilly conferences. He was project manager for Perl 6, is on the board of The Perl Foundation, and is a frequent speaker on open source topics. He cowrote the bestselling Perl Cookbook.

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