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Yahoo! Mac Toolbar

by Nat Torkington
Feb. 23, 2005

For the last few weeks, thanks to a Friend on the Inside, I've been using the Yahoo! Mac toolbar for Firefox. (I'd provide a link but there's no web page yet, so instead here's a link to the Windows version). In short: it's sweet.

The toolbar obviously exists because it makes it easier and more convenient for people to use Yahoo!'s services. It worked for me--I've tried Yahoo! Calendar and Reference because I found them on the toolbar configuration and I didn't know they existed before. I've also set up locations in my Yahoo! profile and use the toolbar to quickly check movies, directions, etc. It also offers me another way to shun Google search. I did some of these things in the past (e.g., maps) but the toolbar's brought them literally a click away.

I think Y! got it right. It's configurable, so I'm not stuck with the services they offered. It doesn't have Desktop Search, but as a Mac user I'm happy to wait for Tiger and Spotlight. Now that I think about it, it's the first Firefox toolbar I've wanted to use. I'm keeping it installed after finishing this review because it's useful. Kudos to Y! for not just doing it right with the Mac support, but also for beating Google to it.

I've no word yet on when the toolbar wil be released, but look for it. I'll blog when it goes live.


Nat Torkington is conference planner for the Open Source Convention, OSCON Europe, and other O'Reilly conferences. He was project manager for Perl 6, is on the board of The Perl Foundation, and is a frequent speaker on open source topics. He cowrote the bestselling Perl Cookbook.

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