The Meerkat Sherlock Plugin
Rael Dornfest <>
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About Meerkat
Meerkat is a Web-based syndicated content reader. It is based on Rich Site Summary (RSS), an XML specification used for distributing news, product announcements, discussion threads, and other assorted content as channels. Meerkat provides a simple interface to these stories. While maintaining the original association of a story with a channel, Meerkat's focus is on chronological order -- the latest stories float to the top, regardless of their source.

About the Meerkat Sherlock Plugin
The Meerkat Sherlock Plugin affords Macintosh users the ability to search the stories picked up by Meerkat from the comfort of Macintosh's Sherlock interface. Searches are limited to the past seven days and one hundred stories.

Installation is as easy as 1-2-3...

  1. Download the plugin, meerkat.sit.

  2. To install the plugin, Drag-and-drop it into your Macintosh's closed System Folder. Click OK when prompted to store the plugin in the Internet Search Sites folder within your System Folder.

  3. Open Sherlock and select the "Internet" channel (the globe image) -- you should see Meerkat as one of the choices. Click the check-box to activate the Meerkat plugin.

That's it! Seek away...

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