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Commandline Tools

Alexandria for Linux

Author: Sterling Software
More Information: http://www.storage.sterling.com/Alexandria/alexandria.html
License: Proprietary
Category: Commandline

This is the Linux port of the popular Unix based client/server backup software. It supports various databases including Oracle.

Broadcast Oracle Select

Author: Matteo Redaelli
More Information: http://digilander.iol.it/reda/
License: GPL
Category: Commandline/Perl

Matteo has put together an interesting little perl script. It allows you to send an sql statement to several different databases at once.


Author: Richard Sutherland
More Information: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ddl-oracle
License: Artistic
Category: Commandline/Perl

This is an interesting Perl tool which allows you to manipulate Oracle, reverse engineer objects (similar to what export can do), defragment tablespaces, and resize tables and indexes. It looks to be a powerful tool, so stay tuned.


Author: Frank S. Fejes
More Information: http://www.oopdreams.com/frank/fsql
License: GPL
Category: Commandline/C

fsql is another SQL*Plus replacement. If you're fed up with SQL*Plus' lack of basic shell features, you can try this alternative.

Iprobe Tool Suite

Author: Phil Ezolt
More Information: http://freshmeat.net/projects/iprobetoolsuite/
License: GPL
Category: Commandline/C

This software provides features and functionality to pinpoint performance bottlenecks. It supports various Operating Systems and databases including Oracle.


Author: Paul Vallee
More Information: http://www.pythian.com/news/papers/m2o.html
License: GPL
Category: Commandline/Perl

If you want to move data from MySQL to Oracle, this tool is a perfect fit. Take mysqldump output, and convert it to Oracle compatible SQL*Plus script with create and insert statements to recreate the tables and objects from your MySQL database.


Author: Gilles Darold
More Information: http://www.samse.fr/GPL/ora2pg/
License: GPL
Category: Commandline/Perl

Do you need to move your Oracle data to a PostgreSQL database? Here's a script to do it. Tables, views, sequences, indexes, and grants as well as primary and foreign keys are supported.


Author: W. Curtis Preston
More Information: http://www.backupcentral.com/mytools.html
License: GPL
Category: Commandline/sh

Do hotbackups of your Oracle databases with this software.

Oracle SchemaDiff

Author: Alistair Orchard
More Information: http://sourceforge.net/projects/schemadiff/
License: Artistic
Category: Commandline/Perl

Do you like using the Unix diff command to compare files? Ever wanted to do the same thing with two schemas? This software will do it for versions 7.3.4, 8, and 8i of Oracle.


Author: David Kilzer
More Information: http://www.bennyvision.com/~ddkilzer/projects/oracledump/
License: Artistic
Category: Commandline/Perl

oracledump is yet another tool for those who are already familiar and enamored of MySQL and it's client tools. This tool is written in Perl, uses Tim Bunce's Perl DBI, and imitates the mysqldump tool in options and output.


Author: Taso Lyristis
More Information: http://freshmeat.net/projects/joracledump/
License: GPL
Category: Commandline/Java

This application is a commandline program (or console program in Java-ese) which provides Oracle users with a mysqldump type of application. If you're already familiar with mysql, you might prefer an application like this, though much of this functionality can be found in Oracle's own export command.


Author: Raymond Vermeer
More Information: http://home.zonnet.nl/r.vermeer/
License: Freeware
Category: Commandline/Shell

OraMon is a commandline based Oracle monitoring system something like top on Unix. If you're familiar with the other web-based tools like Karma, and less Oracle-specific BigBrother, you might like this tool as it does away with the web-based interface for a simpler commandline one. Powerful yet simple, this tool is sure to grow into something bigger.


Author: Prolifics Development Staff
More Information: http://www.possl.org/
License: OSI Approved
Category: Commandline/C++

POSSL stands for Panther Open Source Software for LInux. It is a rapid application development environment which supports web, motif/X, or character based interfaces, and databases such as Oraacle, and other ODBC databases.


Author: Martin Drautzburg
More Information: http://senora.sourceforge.net
License: GPL
Category: Commandline/Perl

Yet another SQL*PLus replacement, Senora expands upon the shell interface you're used to with Oracle. It is extensible with plugins which can for instance make it easy to call often executed SQL scripts.


Author: George Schlossnagle
More Information: http://www.omniti.com/~george/
License: Artistic
Category: Commandline/Perl

Want to make your Oracle trace files a little more useful? Take a look at this perl program which converts your trace files into Perl DBI programs for replaying the tracefile.

Various Tools

Author: Jared Still
More Information: http://www.cybcon.com/~jkstill/util/
License: GPL
Category: Commandline/Perl

Jared Still, long standing maintainer of the Oracle email listserv, has written many programs which simplify the adminstration of Oracle databases. Check the website above for additional articles, and the latest information.


Author: Nathan Shafer
More Information: http://sourceforge.net/projects/yasql/
License: GPL
Category: Commandline/Perl

YASQL is Yet Another SQL*Plus replacement. As the name implies, many programmers out there have gotten tired of SQL*Plus's clunky interface, and have gone about writing their own shell for use with Oracle. Some of the great features we expect in a good unix shell are here, including command history, tab completion, various output methods including redirection and piping. It is written for Oracle only.