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GUI-Based Clients


Author: Gabor Torok
More Information: http://copper.sourceforge.net/
License: GPL
Category: GUI/Gnome/C

This application is yet another SQL*Plus replacement. It's a Gnome based SQL Worksheet type application which allows you to do select, insert, update, delete, commit, and rollback. If you like GUI based tools, this may be great for you.


Author: Paul Bemowski
More Information: http://www.jetools.com/products/databrowser/
License: Proprietary
Category: GUI/Java

Here is a database browser tool written in Java. It supports various databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.


Author: Jim Menard
More Information: http://datavision.sourceforge.net/
License: Apache
Category: GUI/Java

This tool provides Crystal Reports type functionality. It allows various reports to be generated from various the target databases including Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, or any ODBC accessible database. The results are dumped into XML for later presentation.

DB Prism

Author: Marcelo Ochoa
More Information: http://www.plenix.com/dbprism/doc/Home.html
License: GPL
Category: GUI/Java

DB Prism is a servlett engine. You can use it to build web-based applications in Java. DB Prism supports Oracle natively, but is designed with a plug-in framework for easy connectivity to other databases as well.

DBA Companion

Author: Torsten
More Information: http://homepage.internet.lu/torsten/
License: GPL
Category: GUI/Qt/C

DBA Companion provides a truely cross-platform DBA tool. It works on various Unix platforms including Linux, and various Win32 platforms as well. It's target is soley Oracle, so you'll find many Oracle specific features. This tool is very useful to a DBA providing full details on performance indicators, and other data dictionary information. It provides other features as well, such as the ability to recompile all your stored procedures in the proper order.


Author: David Moffett
More Information: http://dbinspector.com/
License: Free but restricted
Category: GUI/Java

DBInspector implements another database browser in Java. It is built to run with Oracle.


Author: Michael Rohdin
More Information: http://www.minq.se/products/dbvis/index.html
License: Freeware
Category: GUI/Java

DbVisualizer is a sophisticated database object browser which works with many databases including Oracle and MySQL. Many graphical representations of the objects in your database make this a serious contender for a place in any DBA or developers toolbox.


Author: Vivien Malerba
More Information: http://gasql.sourceforge.net/
License: GPL
Category: GUI/Gnome

gASQL is a GNOME-DB based project to build a data modeling tool for databases. Data modeling or relational modeling tools allow the application developers to get a pictoral view of the tables, and relationships in their database schema.

Gnome Transcript

Author: Matias Mutchinick
More Information: http://gtranscript.sourceforge.net/
License: GPL
Category: GUI/Gnome

Gnome Transcript is essentially an object browser for databases. It uses a database abstraction layer, so it supports various different databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle.


Author: Rodrigo Moya
More Information: http://www.gnome-db.org/
License: GPL
Category: GUI/Tk

GNOME-DB is essentially a framework for GTK+ programmers to build database applications with. It provides a database abstraction layer, buffering your applications from some of the complexities of database access. PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, and many other databases are supported.


Author: Markus Neteler
More Information: http://grass.itc.it
License: GPL
Category: GUI/Gnome/C

GRASS stands for Geographic Resources Analysis Support System, and is software for viewing raster and vector-based GIS or Geographic Information System data. It supports various databases including PostgreSQL and Oracle.

Java SQL Admin Tool

Author: Fredy Fischer
More Information: http://www.trash.net/~ffischer/admin/index.html
License: GPL
Category: GUI/Java

This tool allows access to multiple databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and other JDBC compliant databases. Easily export and import between supported databases, and create, modify, and drop tables.


Author: Ezra Pagel
More Information: http://www.jdba.org/
License: OSI Approved
Category: GUI/Java

jDBA is yet another object browser for Oracle. It allows you to create and edit objects, as well as run SQL queries.


Author: Caleb Technologies
More Information: http://www.caleb.com.au/
License: Freeware
Category: GUI/Java

JRetriever is yet another database object browser, and data viewer. It is compatable with all JDBC compliant databases, and has been tested on Oracle and MySQL.


Author: Rainer Gruetzner, Michael Bethke, Axel Schlueter, and Regine Kasten
More Information: http://www-b.informatik.uni-hannover.de/ftp/software/oddis/
License: GPL
Category: GUI/Tk

ODDIS stands for Oracle Data Dictionary Information System, and provides a graphical user interface to the data dictionary. For the non-DBA this is an object browser, with additional explain plan support. For the DBA you can create objects, manage free space, rollback segments and so on.


Author: Omnicentrix Corp
More Information: http://www.omnicentrix.com/
License: Proprietary
Category: GUI/Java

Omniserver is an application server which lets you do your programming in Visual Basic, and deploy in a Java Servlet. Why you would want to do this, I don't know. Support for various databases including Oracle, and other ODBC databases.

Orasoft Apps

Author: Matthew Chappee
More Information: http://www.orasoft.org/
License: GPL
Category: GUI/Gnome

Matthew Chappee application suite is a sizeable attempt at building an Enterprise Manager like tool for the Linux Gnome platform. Included are an Object Manager which lets you view and manipulate objects in your database such as tables, view, triggers, indexes, constraints, and so on. SQLWork, which is an SQL*Plus replacement. Procedit, a PL/SQL procedure editor. Session Monitor which allows you to watch currently active sessions, the SQL queries they are running, and so forth.


Author: Andy Duncan
More Information: http://www.tux.org/orac-dba/
License: GPL
Category: GUI/Tk

Andy Duncan's perldbadmin formerly known as Orac is a Tk-based frontend to a toolbox of very useful DBA scripts. You can simplify the management of your database with this tool, which gathers up all your DBA tools in one place.


Author: Tom Schneider
More Information: http://quantum.sourceforge.net/
License: GPL
Category: GUI/Java

Use this software to view objects in your databases such as tables, views, or sequences. Supported databases include PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle.


Author: Sam Roberts
More Information: http://www.samroberts.8m.com/
License: Public Domain
Category: GUI/Java

QueryTool is an Oracle SQL tuning tool. It can be used to determine what


Author: Jiri Moudry
More Information: http://www.eathink.com/spgen/
License: GPL
Category: GUI/Java

Improve your Java database applications with this replacement to JDBC. Stored procedures become Java member functions, and you can use type safety to catch coding problems at compile-time rather than run-time.


Author: Henrik Johnson
More Information: http://www.globecom.se/tora/
License: GPL
Category: GUI/Qt

TOra is the toolkit for Oracle and uses the QT library giving the application a KDE type look and feel interface. This tool provides sophisticated object browsing capabilities, and is built specifically for Oracle, so it provides capabilities to handle Oracle's special features. More importantly, for the DBA, there is a very sophisticated database tuning page, which provides prodigious feedback about what your database is doing in the form of pie charts, and time-based graphs. At a glance you can see where your db is having trouble.


Author: Mike Wilson
More Information: http://vienna.sourceforge.net/
License: GPL
Category: GUI/Java

ViennaSQL implements another object browser. It uses JDBC so should work with various databases such as MySQL, but has been tested specifically with Oracle 7 and 8. Create and edit tables with ease.