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Web-Based Clients


Author: Shannon -jj Behrens
More Information: http://aquarium.sourceforge.net/
License: BSD
Category: Web/Python

You can learn more about Aquarium by checking the website. There is also coverage in "Oracle and Open Source" (Duncan, Hull) http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/oracleopen/.

Big Brother

Author: Sean MacGuire
More Information: http://www.bb4.com/
License: Freeware/Non-commercial Use
Category: Web/C

Big Brother is a network monitoring system with a kick. It provides sophisticated monitoring and alert features, including support for Oracle databases. Connect your email pager to this system, and your 24x7 coverage worries go away!


Author: Chris Hardie
More Information: http://www.summersault.com/software/db_browser/
License: GPL
Category: Web/Perl

DB_Browser can be used by developers wishing to simplify their programming. It provides searching and editing features so you don't have to roll your own. It is also useful as a developer schema tool, allowing you to browse the data in your Oracle database.


Author: Thomas Eibner
More Information: http://www.dnszone.org/
License: Artistic
Category: Web/Perl

This application allows users to administer their own DNS records without having access to the nameserver itself. You can use MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Oracle as your backend database.


Author: Gerald Richter
More Information: http://perl.apache.org/embperl/
License: Artistic
Category: Web/Perl

EmbPerl is an embedded scripting languages. That is, it allows scripts or code to be embedded into the HTML of a webpage. This page is interpreted by the webserver. The results of this code will be sent back and inserted into the HTML.


Author: Frank Herrmann
More Information: http://www.xpix.de/eyb/
License: Shareware
Category: Web/Perl

Here's a web-based tool for Oracle schema management. You can add, remove, or modify records in any tables, as well as indexes, procedures & packages, views, or sequences. It also features a handy export/importer tool which supports CSV files.


Author: Randy Phillips
More Information: http://sourceforge.net/projects/hyperschema/
License: Public Domain
Category: Web/Python

This software creates hypermaps of your Oracle database schema. These are basically interactive maps with links to information in particular areas.


Author: Sean Hull
More Information: http://www.iheavy.com/karma/
License: GPL
Category: Web/Perl

Karma is a web-based monitoring system for Oracle. Want to keep a sharp on on many databases at different sites, watch various vital statistics, and have a sense of each databases' health at a glance? This tool can do the job. And with email notification, this tool really aims to take care of the day-to-day DBA tasks to leave you free for more important work.


Author: Frank Sweetser
More Information: http://landb.sourceforge.net
License: GPL
Category: Web/Perl

Catalog information about your network, including hardware, hosts, and connections into a MySQL or Oracle database.

LogicalRealm Message Board

Author: LogicalRealm <>
More Information: http://www.logicalrealm.com/Menu/message_bd.html
License: Apache
Category: Web/PL/SQL

This application allows you to use Apache, mod_plsql, and Oracle as a web-based message board.


Author: Jonathan Swartz
More Information: http://www.masonhq.com/
License: Artistic
Category: Web/Perl

Mason is an embedded scripting language for web programming in Perl. There are many which do this, and there are certainly many features to compare and contrast between them. Mason's special features include a component based system which allows the easy separation of code and HTML templates, as well as caching and debugging functionality.


Author: mnoGoSearch Developers Team
More Information: http://www.mnogosearch.org/
License: GPL
Category: Web/Perl

This software provides a full-featured web-based search engine with support for various databases including Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.


Author: Murley
More Information: http://www.appindex.net/applications/public_releases/mwchat/
License: GPL
Category: Web/PHP

This is software for implementing a web-based chat-room. Various databases are supported including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.


Author: Miguel Cruz
More Information: http://software.u.nu/myoracle/
License: GPL
Category: Web/PHP

MyOracle is a new tool which is made for Administrators who are already familiar with MySQL, and enjoy it's client interface more than Oracle's own SQL*Plus. It is a perl script which uses the Perl DBI by Tim Bunce, and DBD::Oracle to connect to the database.


Author: Thomas Weinert
More Information: http://www.subjective.de/en/netzbrett/
License: GPL
Category: Web/PHP

Netzbrett provides a web-based message board written in PHP4. Support is available for many many databases including Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other ODBC databases.


Author: PointOne Telecommunications
More Information: http://openticket.point-one.net/
License: OSI Approved
Category: Web/Python

The OpenTicket software implements a web-based trouble ticketing system using the Python-based Zope framework. There is support for MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.

Oracle Toolbox

Author: Guillaume Duwelz-Rebert, Frederic Danner and Frank Berger
More Information: http://www.oracletoolbox.fr.st/
License: GPL
Category: Web/PHP

The Oracle Toolbox is another web-based DBA tool. Many of the features you'd expect are here, including a redolog history page, memory usage, tablespace fragmentation, and object browser. Additionally you'll find a sophisticated session monitor, and logminer tool. Very useful indeed.


Author: Adam VonNieda <
More Information: http://www.oracletool.com/
License: Freeware
Category: Web/Perl

Adam vonNieda has designed and developed a sophisticated tool for Oracle DBA's. It allows for detailed review of the data dictionary, pinpointing memory usage, datafile layout, redologs, rollback segments, and so on.


Author: Stewart McGlaughlin
More Information: http://www.stewartmc.com/oracle/orasnap/
License: Freeware
Category: Web/SQL

OraSnap is an ingenious application. Stewart took the many sql scripts that DBA's carry in their toolbox, and rigged them to generate HTML output. This is then viewed inside a larger frame. These sql to HTML scripts can be scheduled to run as often as you like, to give you an up-to-the minute view of what is happening in your database.

PEAR Session Handler

Author: Sam Johnston
More Information: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pearsession/
License: PHP License
Category: Web/PHP

PEAR allows you to manage web-based sessions easier in PHP4. Data can be stored in various databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and other ODBC databases.


Author: Rodrigo Real
More Information: http://www.monamb.furg.br/pgwebforum/
License: GPL
Category: Web/PHP

PgWebForum is web-based discussion forum software written in PHP. It provides support for PostgreSQL or Oracle.


Author: CIA Web
More Information: http://phorecast.org/
License: GPL
Category: Web/PHP

Phorecast is written in PHP4 using the PEAR library mentioned elsewhere in this article and implements a web-based email, address book and calendar system. Support is available for Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.


Author: Andreas Kansok
More Information: http://phpay.sourceforge.net/
License: GPL
Category: Web/PHP

phpay implements a web-based shopping cart in PHP. Databases supported include Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.


Author: PhpMyAdmin Devel Team
More Information: http://www.phpwizard.net/projects/phpMyAdmin/
License: GPL
Category: Web/PHP

PhpMyAdmin really cuts to the heart of MySQL database administration. In a straightforward web-based interface you'll be able to browser your tables, creates indexes, add and delete columns, add and delete data. This is a great tool if you're new to MySQL, and aren't familiar with all the features. It's all laid out for you in a simple interface.


Author: Edson Medina
More Information: http://promanager.dyndns.org/
License: Freeware
Category: Web/PHP

proManager implements a web-based intranet, project manager, and todo list. It is implemented in PHP, and database support includes Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Redbasin enterprise e-business server

Author: HotDiary Inc.
More Information: http://www.redbasin.com/
License: Free but restricted
Category: Web/Java

This server software implements various e-business services with Java. Supported databases include Oracle, and MySQL.

Relmsoft Commerce

Author: Stephen
More Information: http://www.relmsoft.com/
License: GPL
Category: Web/Java

Yet another software suite implementing web-based e-commerce solutions. Oracle, MySQL, and other JDBC databases supported.


Author: Peter Bowyer
More Information: http://www.sendcard.f2s.com/
License: QPL
Category: Web/PHP

sendcard implements a web-based postcard system. Data can be stored in various databases including Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Sitellite Content Management System

Author: Lux
More Information: http://www.simian.ca/index
License: Free for non-commercial use
Category: Web/PHP

This is a sophisticated content management system providing proper collaboration between developers, graphic designers and managers. Currently only MySQL support is available, but PostgreSQL and Oracle are being added to the list.

SKYRiX Web Application System

Author: Helge Hess
More Information: http://www.skyrix.com/
License: Proprietary
Category: Web/Python

SKYRiX implements a sophisticated web-based solution for contacts, appointments, project management, and general website content management.


Author: Jon Stevens
More Information: http://jakarta.apache.org/turbine/
License: Apache
Category: Web/Java

Turbine is a Java servlett based engine, allowing you to build web-based applications with Java. Building on the Jakarta project, it relies on Apache to deliver high-speed performance.


Author: Ralf
More Information: http://www.vshop.org/
License: Free for non-commercial use
Category: Web/VSL

Like a e-commerce focused PHP, VShop3 uses it's own scripting language VSL. Features make building shopping sites easier. MySQL and Oracle are supported.


Author: Marc Druilhe
More Information: http://www.w-agora.net/
License: Artistic
Category: Web/PHP

w-agora implements a web-site management system features for intranet or internet use including forum, guestbook, download area, and publishing features. Various databases are supported including Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Weather Plotter

Author: Jason L. Buberel
More Information: http://www.buberel.org/weather/
License: GPL
Category: Web/PHP

Gather and graph weather data from the US National Weather Service with this Weather Plotter PHP Software. Backend databases supported include Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.


Author: Craig Knudsen
More Information: http://webcalendar.sourceforge.net/
License: GPL
Category: Web/PHP

WebCalender is Web-based calendaring software written in PHP. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and ODBC databases are supported.


Author: Klaus Reger
More Information: http://wwwdb.org/WWWdb
License: Freeware
Category: Web/Perl

WWWdb is an application framework for building web-based applications. Written in Perl, it takes advantage of the high-performance Apache/Perl combination to deliver a powerful solution. Support for PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and other ODBC compliant databases is available.

Yerba SAC

Author: Slizardo
More Information: http://yerba.sourceforge.net/
License: GPL
Category: Web/PHP

This software implements an entire web-portal system. Forums, shopping cart, surveys, news, and user accounts are among the many features available. MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL are supported.