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Frankly Speaking Archive

•  Relational Database Design
•  Book Size and Paper Quality
•  Pocket Reference Indexes
•  Time for the Python Community to Step Up to the Plate
•  Web Design Languages
•  Gone with Copyright Protection?
•  Unix Text Processing
•  Ideas for Our Favorite Publisher
•  Chinese-Lanuage Tech Reviewers
•  Technical Reviewers
•  E-learning Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be
•  Can't Securely Receive the Goods
•  Reputable Publishers Don't Steal Ideas
•  Destry Rides Again
•  O'Reilly Books
•  Open Source Convention Report: Last Day and Wrap-up
•  O'Reilly Open Source Convention: How Big Is a Community?
•  Open Source Convention Report: Keynotes & Announcements
•  Open Source Convention Report: Open Documentation Summit
•  Open Source Convention Report: Open Documentation Summit Participants
•  The Second Annual YAPC: Wrap-Up
•  The Second Annual YAPC: Day 3
•  The Second Annual YAPC: Day 2
•  The Second Annual YAPC: Day 1
•  Learning Programming
•  Follow-up to "Quality of O'Reilly books"
•  Quality of O'Reilly books
•  Quality of O'Reilly books - Comments
•  An Interview with Jeff Elkner
•  Python Conference: Developers' Day
•  The Eighth Annual Python Conference: Day Two
•  The Eighth Annual Python Conference: Day One
•  Legitimizing
•  Zope book from O'Reilly?
•  An Interview with Guido van Rossum
•  Technical Quality
•  JPython: The Felicitous Union of Python and Java
•  My Trip to Europe
•  YAPCR: Yet Another Perl Conference Report
•  Learning the Linux OS
•  Weak Product Line?
•  Revised Java in a Nutshell?
•  Jini
•  Third edition of Programming Perl?
•  Nutshell Animal Covers
•  Certification Books?
•  Thank You!
•  Book on CVS?
•  Apache: PHP3 and mod_perl
•  Next Edition of Programming Python?

Frank Willison

O'Reilly's beloved and respected editor in chief, Frank Willison, died on July 30, 2001. Tim O'Reilly writes about the huge impact Frank had on everyone who knew him. He also shares some of Frank's famous wit, wisdom, humor, and humanity.

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