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  The O'Reilly Open Source Convention: July 22-26, 2002, San Diego, CA


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 O'Reilly Open Source Convention -- pre-conference coverage.


 Breaking News

Freedom or Power?  Bradley Kuhn and Richard Stallman of the Free Software Movement respond to Tim O'Reilly's weblog, "My Definition of Freedom Zero." The term "freedom zero" refers to the first of Stallman's four freedoms, "The freedom to run the program, for any purpose."  [O'Reilly Network: Linux DevCenter]

Tim O'Reilly Responds to "Freedom or Power?"  Bradley Kuhn and Richard Stallman recently published, Freedom or Power?, which was a response to Tim O'Reilly's weblog, My Definition of "Freedom Zero". There were a few issues raised in Freedom or Power? that Tim wanted to clarify or expand on, and he attempts to do so in this article.  [Linux DevCenter]

Shared Source vs. Open Source: Craig Mundie and Michael Tiemann  On July 26, 2001, Microsoft Senior VP, Craig Mundie addressed the open source community directly during the morning keynote that also featured Red Hat CTO, Michael Tiemann and a panel of prestigious experts. Here is the transcript of Mundie's and Tiemann's presentations.  [Linux DevCenter]

Shared Source vs. Open Source: Panel Discussion  A lively panel discussion followed the keynote presentations by Craig Mundie and Michael Tiemann at O'Reilly's Open Source Convention. Panelists included: Clay Shirky, Michael Tiemann, David Stutz, Mitchell Baker, Ronald Johnston, Craig Mundie, Brian Behlendorf, and Tim O'Reilly. Here is the transcript from that conversation.  [Linux DevCenter]

Raymond Runs The Great Brain Race  Eric Raymond treated a roomful of attentive geeks to an overview of his latest writing at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention in San Diego, along with a peppering of observations on the Linux kernel, Sendmail, libertarianism, and economics.  [Linux DevCenter]

Life in the Big Hairy  On the final day of the Open Source Convention in San Diego, Michael Tiemann introduces three enterprise technology leaders who are fully conversant with the open-source philosophy and see it as key to their ongoing success.  [Linux DevCenter]

OSCON Java Tutorials  Here's a summary of O'Reilly Open Source Convention Java and Java-related XTech 2001 track sessions and the corresponding presentation files.  [ONJava.com]

Microsoft and the Open Source Community: The Beginning of a Dialogue  Microsoft's Craig Mundie frustrated and displeased many at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, but as Tim O'Reilly said, this is just an early step in a dialogue that will likely continue for quite some time. Writing for the O'Reilly Network, Malcolm Dean reports on the big debate. With audio [O'Reilly Network]

Python Track Dispatch  O'Reilly Python editor Laura Lewin reports on an exciting array of Python sessions and tutorials, as well as Guido van Rossum's keynote. [oreilly.com]

Using Linux to Tame the Big Hairy Beast  Linux and open source software are entering mainstream business practices. O'Reilly open source editor Chuck Toporek reports on Friday's keynote, "Fueling the Open Source Alternative."  [Linux DevCenter]

May The Best Code Win  Danese Cooper, manager of Sun's Open Source Program Office, attended the Mundie-Tiemann debate, and she thinks Microsoft has a long way to go in understanding open source. [java.sun.com]

Mono Presentation Slides  Miguel de Icaza talked about Ximian's Mono Project at the convention. If you couldn't attend, here are Miguel's slides. [go-mono.com]

Microsoft Has No Beef with Open Source  Justin Hibbard covers the Mundie-Tiemann debate for Red Herring, noting that Microsoft's stance on open source software appears to be softening. [Red Herring]

Microsoft, Red Hat Argue Open Source  The New York Times reports that although Microsoft is notching down its attacks on open source, Red Hat's Michael Tiemann remains skeptical. [New York Times]

Dr. Dobbs TechNetCast is providing video coverage  of the Open Source Convention, including the Craig Mundie and Michael Tiemann debate.  [Dr. Dobbs TechNetCast]

O'Reilly Open Source Convention Java Report  Steve Anglin, Managing Editor of ONJava.com, reports on the OSCON Java sessions. [ONJava.com]

Perl Conference 5 Dispatch  O'Reilly Perl editor Linda Mui reports that Perl is remaking itself for this millennium.  [oreilly.com]

Doc Searls' Dispatch: Mundie-Tiemann Debate  Doc Searls was in the audience covering the debate between Microsoft's Craig Mundie and Red Hat's Michael Tiemann--as it progressed. [Doc Searls' Weblog]

OSCON Keynotes: What's Open Source Good For?  Fred Baker, a Cisco Fellow, says Open Source is great for rapid development, but commercial vendors need to document it, package it, and support it. W. Phillip Moore, an enterprise infrastructure architect at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, disagrees, saying Open Source software suits the needs of his organization better than any commercial software.  [O'Reilly Network]

The State of the Onion 5  Larry Wall gives his annual summary of the state of the Perl world. This year, as one might expect, the major focus was on Perl 6. Larry gave 33 lightning talks, of 55 seconds each, outlining elements of Perl 6's design. Here's a rundown on what Perl 6 is going to be. [perl.com]

Michael Tiemann Interview  The News & Observer interview with Michael Tiemann, in advance of his debate with Microsoft's Craig Mundie, provides insight into Michael's debate strategy. [NewsALERT]

Dan Gillmor on the Future of Open Source  Writing for the Mercury News, Dan Gillmor is both optimistic and concerned for the open source movement. He notes increasing support for open software by large companies like IBM and HP, and he notes the open source community's need to more effectively tell its own story.  [SiliconValley.com]

Open Source Brouhaha: Missing the Point  In this ZDNet article, Brian Behlendorf, president of the Apache Software Foundation, urges open source advocates to explore a middle ground because the more that companies realize the benefits of open source, under any license, the better. [ZDNet]

MS Welcomed with Open Source Arms  Farhad Manjoo covers OSCON for Wired, noting that this is the rare type of conference where something might actually get accomplished.  [Wired News]

HP Opens Cooltown Source Code  CNET reports that Hewlett-Packard will release the source code for its Cooltown computing project under the GPL. The Cooltown project attempts to make computing services ubiquitous by attaching Web pages to everyone and everything. HP made the announcement at this week's O'Reilly Open Source Convention.  [CNET.com]

WebmasterBase: Conference Reports  Chris Lambert reports daily from the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. [WebmasterBase.com]

Intellectual Property At Heart Of Open-Source Debate  A software convention in San Diego this week is expected to be the site of a heated intellectual property debate between Microsoft and Red Hat. [Yahoo!News -- San Diego Daily Transcript ]

 Articles by Conference Speakers

Using JBoss Web Application Server  If you don't need clustering, use this highly-scalable open source Web application server.  [ONJava.com]

GNOME's Miguel de Icaza on .NET  Open Source developer Miguel de Icaza, leader of the GNOME project and founder of Ximian, has been exploring Microsoft's .NET platform with an open mind. Find out why he claims that .NET is "the new development environment for the next 20 years." [.NET DevCenter]

Tim O'Reilly on Microsoft's Participation at the Open Source  Microsoft senior vice president Craig Mundie will speak at O'Reilly's upcoming Open Source Convention, and he'll debate Red Hat's Michael Tiemann and other open source leaders. In an interview on oreilly.com, Tim O'Reilly talks about how this came about and what he hopes to accomplish by bringing together Microsoft representatives and open source advocates at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. [oreilly.com]

The Evolution of SOAP::LITE  SOAP functionality is growing in leaps and bounds. Paul Kulchenko, a speaker at the upcoming O'Reilly Open Source Convention, talks about his experiences in the early days of SOAP and the directions he sees it going.  [ONLamp.com]

Preview: O'Reilly XTech 2001 Conference on XML  O'Reilly will run its first ever XML conference this year, XTech 2001, as part of the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. The conference chair, Edd Dumbill, previews this essential meeting for XML developers. [XML.com]

Business Opportunities for PHP in the Wireless Market  Even though it's not widely considered as such, PHP is a great tool for developing wireless applications, and it could be an entry point for open-source developers to break into the lucrative wireless market.  [ONLamp.com]

What Would You Ask Craig Mundie?  Microsoft senior vice president Craig Mundie, who recently raised the ire of the open source community, has agreed to give a keynote and participate in a panel discussion at July's O'Reilly Open Source Convention. Here's your chance to put your questions to him. [oreilly.com]

Bulletproofing Servers: Building a Challenge for Murphy  --To make sure your server hardware is protected from the forces of Murphy, Andy Neely offers advice for RAID backups, dual-power supplies, and redundant network interface cards (NIC). Andy will speak at this July's *O'Reilly Open Source Convention*. [Linux DevCenter]

Perl Program Repair Shop and Red Flags  Beginning writers often will write ten words where five will do. Beginning programmers are the same. In this article, Mark-Jason Dominus takes actual Perl code and shows how to make it more efficient.  [O'Reilly Network]

Multi-Homing: Connecting to Two ISPs  If your business needs a stable Internet connection regardless of problems with your ISP or other variables, you might consider multi-homing as a method for maintaining connectivity.  [O'Reilly Network]

An Introduction to Extreme Programming  When you look at it closely, Extreme Programming isn't really as extreme as it is logical. This introduction shows you the tenants of XP and its relationship to open source methods for writing software.  [Linux DevCenter]

 Conference Weblogs

Tim O'Reilly Tim O'Reilly's Weblog
My Definition of Freedom Zero
Craig Burton captured my off-the-cuff redefinition of Freedom Zero in my closing remarks following the debate between Craig Mundie and Michael Tiemann at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. Here I expand on that thought. [Tim O'Reilly's Weblog]

Presentation: URL-Line to Web Service: A Case Study [Rael Dornfest's Weblog]

The Perl Conference 5: Wrap-up [Simon Cozens' Weblog]

"Yet Another" was Anything But [Derrick Story's Weblog]

The Perl Conference 5: Day 4 [Simon Cozens' Weblog]

Why Craig Mundie Came [David Sims' Weblog]

Open Source Business Model: No, Seriously [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

Perl Conference 5: Day 1 [Simon Cozens' Weblog]

Cooltown: On the edge of nomadicity [Rael Dornfest's Weblog]

The ssh Tunnel of Love [Edd Dumbill's Weblog]

IP Concerns Overshadow Mono [Steve Anglin's Weblog]

Identity [Rael Dornfest's Weblog]

More Weblogs

 Photo Gallery

OSCON photos.Thursday Afternoon: After the Thursday morning keynote and panel discussion, the conference seemed reenergized. Much of this enthusiasm was apparent during the O'Reilly book author signing session later that afternoon.

Thursday's keynote featured Craig Mundie and Michael Tiemann followed by a lively panel discussion moderated by Tim O'Reilly.

Wednesday Evening Photos -- The conference kicked into a new gear on Wednesday with the launch of the Executive Summit, the expo, then into party mode with the Fajita Fiesta and the Stonehenge party.

Conference portraitsSome Fun Portraits from the Convention
Part 1
Part 2

Wednesday Morning Photos -- The Wednesday keynote began with Fred Baker, Cicso Fellow, whose suggestions for the open source community included making its software more accessible to a wider audience. Then Phillip Moore (shown here) took the stage stating that commercial software doesn't meet the needs of large business as well as open source products.

Larry Wall addressed the open source community on Tuesday night with his State of the Onion talk. Then Larry handed the stage over to Jon Orwant for his Internet Quiz Show.

After attending in-depth tutorials, convention attendees relax in the sun before the start of evening events. Our tireless photographers bring you Tuesday in pictures..

After the tutorials wrapped up on Monday afternoon, attendees had the option of choosing from a number of BOFs or going to the movies.

Monday at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention focused mainly on tutorials. So while folks were in class, O'Reilly photographers visited the kids at Kiddie Corp, and then caught their parents during lunch time in the Food and Beverage Banquet Tent.

OSCon 2000 Photo Gallery
Photos from last year.

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