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O'Reilly Open Source Convention Coverage.

 Press Coverage and Weblogs

OETrends: OSCON Report I: State of the Perl "Onion" 2003  -- Larry Wall, creator of the Perl scripting language, laid out a new approach for bringing Perl into the twenty-first century earlier this month at OSCON.  [OpenEnterpriseTrends.com]

OETrends: Microsoft Keys in on Open Source Lessons Learned  -- Microsoft execs attending OSCON earlier this month say they have learned some lessons from the open source community about licensing, source code access, and community.  [OpenEnterpriseTrends.com]

eWeek: From Lotus to Linux  -- Software pioneer Mitch Kapor, cofounder of Lotus Development Corp. and creator of the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet, is keeping busy as chair of the Open Source Applications Foundation. Kapor sat down at OSCON this month to share his views with eWeek senior editor Peter Galli.  [eWeek]

Technology Review: Open Source Gets Down to Business  -- Robert Lefkowitz has an MIT degree in engineering and a track record as a Wall Street IT director. Now he's trying to push open source software from the dominion of alpha geeks into the corporate mainstream.  [MIT Technology Review]

ZDNet: Open Source Convention Coverage  -- At OSCON, we found the open source community to be thriving and ready for prime time, at least on the server side. David Berlind takes the pulse of the open source community and Dan Farber looks at the state of desktop open source based on a new report from the Open Software Application Foundation.  [ZDNet Tech Update]

ComputerWorld: Open for Business  -- What, oh what, has happened to these open source people? At last week's OSCON, I didn't hear a lot about the philosophy and politics of "the movement." I didn't hear bitter fights over which open source license is best, or endless fretting about the confusion over what the free in free software means--free as in beer? Free as in ride? Free as in not in jail? What I did hear a lot about was business.  [ComputerWorld]

Slashdot: $4,500 Raised for Perl Foundation at OSCON Auction  -- Over $4,500 was raised Thursday night at the DynDNS.org OnyxNeon party here at OSCON.  [Slashdot]

ZDNet: Open Source Flexes Its Muscle at OSCON  -- "We really love Portland. This city has worked out really well for us." That's what Tim O'Reilly told me as he rushed between engagements at OSCON. The fact that almost 2,000 people made the pilgrimage to this corner of the United States and paid $1,100 to attend a relatively small event, while big-name shows in more central locations and with virtually no admittance fees have been duds, is testimony to the maturity of an ideology well beyond trend status.  [ZDNet Tech Update]

ZDNet: Here's How Linux Gets to the Desktop  -- Nearly 200 years ago, Lewis and Clark arrived in Portland, Oregon on their cross-country expedition to explore the West. It was a journey that captured the spirit of a young and inspired New World that thrived on trailblazing new frontiers. Attending OSCON in Portland gave me the sense that the open source movement is opening a new frontier, and at the same time shedding some of its more idealistic trappings.  [ZDNet Tech Update]

eWeek: Portland Taleblazer  -- Spencer was one famished Furball when he slipped into the Portland Marriott Downtown hotel to attend the O'Reilly Open Source Convention.  [eWeek]

Doc Searls: EDCon  My biggest take-away from OSCON wasn't about open source. It was about emerging democracy (or maybe just plain old democracy, without the industrial distorions of the last century) at work.  [The Doc Searls Weblog]

ZDNet: Presenting the Awards--And the Judges  -- At a special briefing session at OSCON, OSI president and founder of the Open Source Awards, Eric Raymond, and ZDNet editor in chief Dan Farber introduced the awards and named the awards committee, a panel of seasoned technology experts and open source developers who will decide on the winners.  [ZDNet]

Slashdot: OSI Announces Open Source Awards  -- There's a story running on ZDNet about how OSI is going to be giving Open Source Awards with cash prizes of up to $10,000. The idea is to create the "Nobel Prizes" of open source. The announcement was made yesterday at OSCON with some big names backing the awards (Sun, OSAF, and interestingly, a major venture capital firm called USVP).  [Slashdot]

ComputerWorld: Tidbits from OSCON  -- In his keynote speech that kicked off this week's fifth annual O'Reilly Open Source Convention, Tim O'Reilly eloquently laid out his thoughts on why Linux and other open source software continues to influence the evolution of IT and business computing.  [ComputerWorld]

eWeek: Mono Playing Catch-Up  -- While a two-year-old project to develop an open source version of Microsoft Corporation's .Net Framework is making progress, it's still a long way from prime time.  [eWeek]

Andy Oram: OSCON 2003 Wrap-Up  -- The tone at OSCON 2003 was one of business-like confidence.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

Tim O'Reilly: The Missing Open Source Projects, From an Enterprise POV  -- Robert Lefkowitz gave a thought-provoking talk at OSCON about the kind of software and processes that are required in an enterprise context, and his ideas about the kinds of software that are missing from open source if we want to meet the needs of the enterprise.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

News.com: Kapor: Open Source Project Will Be "Last Job"  -- A CNET video of Mitch Kapor, founder of the Open Source Applications Foundation, from OSCON 2003.  [News.com]

News.com: New Awards to Recognize Open Source  -- A CNET video of Eric Raymond, founder of the Open Source Initiative, at OSCON 2003.  [News.com]

OSCON: Open Source in the Enterprise  -- Stormy Peters' keynote speech at OSCON 2003 covered some interesting points about how HP works to maintain a sane open source policy and work with the open source community.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

Doc Searls: Onward and Outward  -- Having a great time at OSCON. My talk went well yesterday, I'm told.  [The Doc Searls Weblog]

OSCON 2003, Day 4  -- More talks, more parties, and some very strange items at the TPF auction.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

PortLAMP Courses: Thursday  -- So much to take in! Here are a few highlights of PHP5.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

James Goodwill: OSCON, Day 4--Jabber, Chandler, and a Monkey  -- It's 8:45 p.m. on Thursday and I have just finished my second day at OSCON 2003. It was even better than yesterday.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

Ruby, The Gem of OSCON 2003  -- Put Ruby on your radars, folks. It's on the minds of the developers here at OSCON. While OSCON is normally dominated by PERL and Python hackers, this has been like an unofficial Ruby conference.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

eWeek: Open Source on the Rise in Government  -- The use of open source software is alive, well, and growing among government agencies, including the U.S. Census Bureau.  [eWeek]

Andy Oram: The Launch of Perl 7 and Other Significant OSCON Events  -- The Perl community knows how to have fun. Another theme of the conference is how to make money.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

eWeek: Linux Making Headway in Desktop Space  -- Linux is not going to take over the desktop space anytime soon, but it is making significant headway in vertical markets, Mitch Kapor, the chair of the Open Source Applications Foundation (OSAF) and founder of Lotus Development Corp., said here on Thursday.  [eWeek]

Slashdot: SCO Lawsuit About the Money  -- Just when you had heard enough, the ongoing controversy about SCO vs. Linux has popped up over at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention.  [Slashdot]

Microsoft Lunch Humor  -- Microsoft has a witty response to the free beer/free speech slogan.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

Tim O'Reilly: The Open Source Paradigm Shift--What I Really Said  -- It's always sobering to read blogs and summaries of talks I give. I see what got through and what didn't, and how hard it is to get my ideas concise enough.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

Wil Wheaton: OSCON, Part 1  -- The accumulated knowledge in this building, if properly harnessed, could conquer all of Known Space.  [Wil Wheaton Dot Net]

OSCON, Day 4: PostgreSQL Replication  -- Bruce is discussing various replication schemes for PostgreSQL database servers. These are nearly real-time notes, so they're a bit sketchy.  [Jeremy Zawodny's blog: Entry]

OSCON 2003, Day 3  -- Sleep deprivation is setting in, but there are way too many parties and interesting conversations to miss. Here are the highlights of my Wednesday in downtown Portland.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

ComputerWorld: Open Source Experts Critique SCO Lawsuit Against IBM  -- The latest public review of the escalating legal battle between The SCO Group, Inc. and IBM came to OSCON yesterday, as several hundred Linux and other open source users gathered to listen to a panel of IT experts weigh in on what has become a very public fight.  [ComputerWorld]

eWeek: SCO vs. Linux: Show Me the Money  -- The contentious issue of The SCO Group's lawsuit against IBM and its claims that the Linux operating system is an unauthorized derivative of Unix, to which SCO owns the rights, reared its ugly head at OSCON on Wednesday.  [eWeek]

PortLAMP Courses: Wednesday  -- Tim's keynote and several PHP sessions filled my schedule today. I'm exhausted and yet very happy to be in the midst of this OSCON. A comment about Usenet caused me to consider its contributon to all of the collaboration we have now.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

OSCON: SCO vs. IBM Panel Discussion  -- The OSCON panel discussion on the SCO vs. IBM lawsuit covers the realities of the suit and how the Linux community has little to worry about SCO's FUD attack.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

OSCON: Are Licenses Important?  -- Technology versus licensing is one of many interesting issues that came up today at OSCON.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

OSCON: Paradigm Shift in Open Source  -- Tim O'Reilly's keynote speech examines the history of commodity hardware and draws parallels with current happenings in the open source community. In his speech, Tim calls on the community to build customizable commodity software that will enable a wide range of service-based business models.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

OSCON, Day 3: The Tutorials Are Over and the Sessions Have Begun  -- It's 8:45 p.m. on Wednesday, and I have just finished my first full day at my first OSCON. It was a whole lot of fun.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

eWeek: O'Reilly Gazes into the Future of Open Source  -- In his keynote address on Wednesday, Tim O'Reilly said there has been an enormous paradigm shift around open source.  [eWeek]

Open Scores  -- I'm sitting in the Open Development and Commercial Business Models panel at OSCON. I'll be writing about it elsewhere, but meanwhile I'll point to my latest SuitWatch, The Ballooning Platform. I'll be explaining that, and related issues, in my own talk tomorrow.  [The Doc Searls Weblog]

Slashdot: Guido van Rossum Leaves Zope.com  -- Guido van Rossum, the author of the Python programming language, announced at OSCON last night that he's leaving zope.com to work for a new startup called Elemental Security.  [Slashdot]

Report from the Open Source Convention  -- I'm here at hardcore geek central, the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. Microsoft is sponsoring lunches, a fact that prompted this Slashdot quip to Tim O'Reilly: there will be a click-wrap license on the lunches.  [Correspondences.org]

chromatic on OSCON 2003, Day 2  -- Tuesday featured tutorials, and then the States of the Union talks. Here's what I think about the Ponie announcement.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

The State of Just About Everything at OSCON  -- The second day of the 2003 O'Reilly Open Source Convention featured a couple dozen tutorials and no less than six keynotes on the progress of major free software projects: Perl, Python, PHP, MySQL, Apache, and Linux.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

PortLAMP Courses: Tuesday  -- Tuesday at OSCON for me is a bit of calm between Monday and Wednesday storms. Here are some links from Sterling Hughes' Web services talk.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

Adam on OSCON, Day 2  -- It's day two at OSCON and I worked the tutorial circuit.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

Slashdot: Extending and Embracing in Portland  -- Officially, the theme of this year's OSCON is "Embracing and Extending Proprietary Software." To that end, approximately 1,500 attendees (and companies including Apple, Active State, online bookseller powells.com, and MySQL) are sharing space on three floors of Portland's downtown Marriott.  [Slashdot]

Database Journal: Pogo Linux and MySQL AB to Deliver First MySQL Database Appliance  -- Two open source companies, Pogo Linux, Inc., a Linux hardware vendor, and MySQL AB, developer of the world's most popular open source database, announced today a partnership to build the first MySQL database appliance. Both companies are previewing the system at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention.  [Database Journal]

Open Source Who's Who  -- Need to find an open source developer? Are you an open source developer and want people to be able to find you? Try the Who's Who wiki on OSPedia[O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

PortLAMP Courses: Monday  -- Here's a look at a sliver of Monday's OSCON activity. I went to an Advanced PHP talk, a Jabber "Bootcamp," and a BOF where we talked about a range of open source issues (acceptance in corporations seeming to be a point we kept coming back to).  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

eWeek: Microsoft Invades Open Source Show  -- As Microsoft Corporation continues to try to better gauge the attraction of open source technologies to its customers and developers, a number of its officials will be attending this week's O'Reilly Open Source Convention in Portland.  [eWeek]

chromatic on OSCON 2003, Day 1  -- Being a Portland resident, OSCON is just down the street this year. Here's what I saw and did Monday. You still have a couple of days to show up and have fun.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

The Oregonian: Open House for Open Source  -- More than 1,500 computer programmers have descended on the downtown Marriott Hotel this week for an open source development conference.  [The Oregonian]

Portland Just Happens To Be a Hotbed of Linux Development  -- Portland is a particularly appropriate setting for the 2003 O'Reilly Open Source Convention, for deeper reasons than being a fun city that knows how to host conferences. Portland just happens to be a hotbed of Linux development.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

mi2n: RealNetworks Releases Industry Standard SMIL Source Code To Helix Community  -- RealNetworks, Inc. announced today at OSCON that it has added the source code for Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL, pronounced "smile"), the standard for synchronized display of digital presentations, to the Helix Community.  [Music Industry News Network]

InfoWorld: Tim O'Reilly Talks About Open Source  -- IDG News Service talks with Tim O'Reilly about open source, software licenses, and this week's Open Source Convention.  [InfoWorld]

Willamette Week Online: Nerd Mentality  -- Do pocket protectors and bleeding hearts fit on the same torso? Could activists and geeks be members of the same lost tribe? And do the Bantu really need email? These are some of the questions that will dominate the world's first Geek Activism Summit, which hits Portland July 8 as part of next week's Open Source Convention (OSCON) at the downtown Marriott Hotel.  [Willamette Week Online]

Registration in a New Venue for OSCON  -- Of MySQL, OS X, Lisp, and other transporting subjects.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

Blogging OSCON 2003 from IRC  -- I'll be blogging the Open Source Convention from IRC (#oscon on irc.freenode.net). You're welcome to join me in creating a collaborative IRC-based weblog.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

PortLAMP Courses: Prelude  -- While flying up to Portland, I read an excellent article that looks at the Lure of Data, and the subculture of those who are compelled to be Always-On. I also explain my coverage themes for OSCON, and admit to being a punster.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

How I Photograph Big Events Using Wireless, iPhoto 2, and a Canon 10D  -- Digital technology has improved the speed and lowered the costs of reporting on large events such as the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. Here's how we do it.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

Unofficial OSCON Wiki  -- There's now a wiki for the Open Source Convention in Portland next week. Still skeletal, but already lots of stuff about people, schedules, places to go in Portland. If you're going to OSCON (or just want to check out how wikis work), go add your bits to the page. My hat's off to whomever started this wiki.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

Speaking About MySQL at OSCON 2003    [Jeremy Zawodny's blog: Entry]

2003 OSCON Java Conference Preview  -- Here is a preview of this year's unofficial O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) Java Conference. This year's Java Conference focuses on the practical, giving you the tools you need to get the job done with this important, platform-independent language.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

(Semi-)Official OSCON Wiki Online  -- Every conference I've been to has had a bulletin board for news and events. Why not put that online? If you're headed to OSCON 2003, drop by the OSCON wiki and find out how to get to the hotel, who's staying where, and what's going on. This is also a great place to keep up with talks, hallway meetings, and pub runs. A handful of Portland locals have already started filling in information for visitors; this is a great tool.  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

Ruby Track at OSCON 2003  -- OSCON 2003 will have a Ruby track!  [RubyGarden.org]

Whither a Linux Track at OSCON?  -- I'm getting a few questions about why there's not a Linux track at OSCON. My first answer, whenever I'm asked why anything isn't at OSCON, is "space." I could put on a kick-ass showcase of everything in open source, if I had fifteen rooms for five days. However, I don't. . . .  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

Linux Robots at OSCON  -- Remember the Slashdot story about Intel building Linux-driven robots communicating over wireless LANs? We have just confirmed (so recently that it's not on the conference web site yet) Myron Hattig (the senior architect at Intel Research) to discuss the project. He'll have one of the robots with him. Score!  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

 Features and Photos

OSCON 2004  OSCON 2004 is slated for July 26-30 at the Portland Marriott Downtown, Portland, Oregon. The call for submissions will be issued in mid-December. 

Kapor's thoughts on Desktop Linux  -- Mitch Kapor examines what stands in the way of Linux as an end user Operating System. Daniel Steinberg reports on Kapor's keynote from OSCON 2003.  [ONLamp.com]

OSCON's Thursday Flurry
OSCON's Thursday Flurry -- Thursday night featured a reception for the winners of the Mac OS X Innovators Contest, Wil Wheaton speaking at Powell's bookstore in downtown Portland, and the DynDNS party at Champions Sports Bar. . . . And this was after a full day of outstanding sessions, keynotes, and mingling on the expo show floor.

Learn by Day, Play by Night
Learn by Day, Play by Night -- No doubt that the sessions and keynotes are valuable for keeping your finger on the pulse of the open source community. But the evening events at OSCON are a great opportunity to meet the people who have been making history, and to connect with peers who have the same values and goals. Wednesday evening began with a packed expo floor for the author-signing event, then took to the streets for the Stonehenge party at BAR 71 in downtown Portland.

Stars Come Out and Shine
Stars Come Out and Shine -- Tuesday night featured six State of the Union speeches, including talks from Larry Wall (Perl) and Guido van Rossum (Python), followed on Wednesday morning with keynotes by Tim O'Reilly and IBM's Paul Buck. Wednesday also saw the opening of the Expo Hall, featuring platinum sponsors Active State, ADC, HP, IBM, Sun, and Ticketmaster, plus a host of other great exhibitors. And finally, thanks to Microsoft, there were sack lunches at noon.

The State of Open Source  -- Luminaries from the open source communities of Perl, Python, PHP, MySQL, Apache, and Linux presented their takes on the current state of their technologies and where they are headed. Daniel Steinberg reports from OSCON 2003.  [ONLamp]

Tutorials Wrap Up; OSCON Ready for Phase Two
Tutorials Wrap Up; OSCON Ready for Phase Two -- After another full day of information-packed tutorials at the Open Source Convention in Portland, attendees prepare to go into high gear for the upcoming keynotes, sessions, and evening activities that begin on Wednesday morning.

A PHP Web Services Client  -- Web services are promised to make your life easier. For now, a few companies allow you access to their data through Web services APIs. Adam Trachtenberg demonstrates how to write a PHP application to Amazon's Web services API, and will be speaking on using PHP in Web services at OSCON[O'Reilly Network]

Monday Photos from the O'Reilly Open Source Convention
Monday Photos from the O'Reilly Open Source Convention -- A new venue this year for the O'Reilly Open Source Convention: Portland, Oregon. The weather is perfect here on the waterfront as a full slate of tutorials get underway.

Eight Questions for George Dyson  -- George Dyson is Director's Visitor of the Institute for Advanced Study and a historian. His OSCON keynote explores the pioneering work of John von Neumann, and others at the IAS, in computation and computational biology. He draws parallels between that world and modern open source development. We were fortunate enough to engage George in a brief conversation about his talk.  [ONLamp.com]

Nine Questions for Mitch Kapor  -- Mitch Kapor heads the Open Source Applications Foundation, the group behind Chandler. His OSCON keynote explores whether and how collaborative development can bring open source software to the desktop. Mitch kindly agreed to a short interview as a teaser for his talk.  [ONLamp.com]

What I Hate About Your Programming Language  -- Choosing a programming language is rarely as easy as making a list of features and choosing the best ones. Like programming, it can be messy and opinionated. Every language has its own philosophy, and whether that fits your own mind is often a matter of taste.  [ONLamp.com]

Geeking in the Third World  -- Geekcorps volunteers work in third world countries helping companies become technically competent IT businesses. Richard Koman interviews Geekcorps founder Ethan Zuckerman.  [O'Reilly Network]

Open Source and Open Standards  -- Open source means open code. It usually also means open standards. Are they really so tightly intertwined? Which is more important to openness in technology? Peter Saint-Andre explores these thoughts and will speak about them at OSCON.