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InfoWorld: The Rewards of Open Source  Last week, at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, Michael Tiemann -- formerly Red Hat's CTO and now vice president of open source affairs -- spoke about the role of Fedora, Red Hat's free Linux distribution.   [InfoWorld]

ZDNet: When Biotech Comes Home  Speaking at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention 2004, along with his son George, an historian of technology and author of Darwin Among the Machines: The Evolution of Global Intelligence, Freeman Dyson called biotech the "new art form of the 21st century."   [ZDNet]

Robert Kaye: OSCON Wrap-up  Now that OSCON is over, it's time to reflect on the conference and to muse about some of the trends I noticed.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Robert Kaye: David Rumsey's OSCON Keynote  Friday morning's keynote at OSCON blew everyone away, and David Rumsey's presentation wasn't even about open source -- it was all about... maps!   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

NewsForge: OSCON winds down with success story, economic nonsense, and a big gorilla  The final day at OSCON kicked off with an encouraging and standing ovation-evoking keynote from Cartography Associates President David Rumsey, who laid out how open source principles may be applied to an emerging "digital library world."  [NewsForge]

Slashdot: Complete OSCON Coverage  Reporter Jay Lyman attended the O'Reilly OSCON developers' get-together and wrote daily briefs plus a wrap-up that are all posted on NewsForge now. If you didn't make it to this excellent conference, reading Jay's reports is the next best thing.  [Slashdot]

Ann Barcomb: Friday at OSCON  Notes on the final day of OSCON 2004.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Ann Barcomb: Thursday at OSCON  Thursday, in which we learn about the importance of pie.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Andy Lester: OSCON slides are now available  Slides from many of the sessions at OSCON 2004 are now available, including "Advice For Open Source Job Seekers" that I presented with Bill Odom.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Derrick Story: The Dan Sugalski Pie Series  Here's the action sequence of Dan Sugalski getting creamed by two pies on stage the final day of OSCON -- plus a little info about how the images were captured.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Andy Lester: OSCON Days 3 & 4, then home...  Frantic talk schedules on days 3 and 4 of OSCON 2004 mean fewer updates from me, but fewer clicks for you, the reader!   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

eWeek: Vendor Lock-In Cited as Cost of Windows over Linux  The business case for adopting Linux over Microsoft's Windows is an economic decision, but not one where the total cost of ownership is a fundamental issue, an executive from a business technology advisory group told a session at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention here Tuesday afternoon.  [eWeek]

brian d foy: OSCON D4.2  I don't remember much about the afternoon, but the evening was a bit wild. I ended up with Schwern's shirt.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

brian d. foy: Make: technology on your time  More details about O'Reilly's new venture.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

NewsForge: OSCON Day 3  As open source programmers and entrepreneurs think about what it means to be open source on 100,000 computers, and move deeper into the business world and infrastructure, OSCON organizer Tim O'Reilly warns that data and networking, not hardware or standards, are the lock-in liabilities.  [NewsForge]

eWeek: BEA Making Open-Source Inroads  At the O'Reilly Open Source Convention in Portland, Ore., BEA announced that two of its open-source projects, aimed at helping developers build service-oriented architectures, are making their way through the Apache Software Foundation open-source community process.  [eWeek]

brian d foy: OSCON D3.3 and D4.1  The Stonehenge party venue had wireless, but I decided to wait until this morning to wrap up yesterday. But, this morning did not start too early. Now I'm sitting across the table from Freeman Dyson.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Robert Kaye: OSCON - Inside LiveJournal's Backend  My favorite OSCON presentation on wednesday was Brad Fitzpatrick's "Inside LiveJournal's Backend" presentation.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Ann Barcomb: Wednesday at OSCON  Wednesday was the first day of talks at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Andy Oram: Plug 'n Play progress in Linux  Robert Love and Havoc Pennington want to take all the fun out of Linux. Someday, when you plug in something, it will just work.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Ann Barcomb: Tuesday at OSCON  Tuesday at OSCON was another day of tutorials.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Willamette Week: Rewrite This Story  Many writers are not crazy about turning their unpolished prose over to editors, let alone to common readers. Not Dan Gillmor.  [Willamette Week Online]

brian d foy: OSCON D3.2  The middle of day 3, where people use the B word.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

eWeek: O'Reilly: Open Software No Guarantee for Freedom  In the new world into which the open-source community is moving, open and free software does not guarantee freedom, especially when applications depend on the network effects and data lock-in more than on software secrecy, said Tim O'Reilly, CEO and founder of O'Reilly Media, at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention here Wednesday.  [eWeek]

eWeek: Red Hat Exec: Linux Desktops Must Stand Out to Thrive  Improvements to the desktop will require a greater Internet focus that enhances communication and collaboration; the ability for users to access their data anywhere; and the option of software as a service, Havoc Pennington, the technical lead for desktop engineering at Red Hat Inc., said here Wednesday.  [eWeek]

Ann Barcomb: My Monday at OSCON  The O'Reilly Open Source Convention started Monday in Portland, Oregon.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

O'Reilly and MySQL AB team up to present the MySQL Users Conference next spring  "MySQL is at the heart of revolutionary changes in the computer industry," says Tim O'Reilly. "By joining forces with MySQL AB, we can grow the success of the MySQL Users Conference, creating maximum value for users, developers, and everyone in the software ecosystem." The Conference happens April 18-21, 2005 in Santa Clara, CA. Sign up for our mailing list[conferences.oreilly.com]

brian d foy: OSCON D3.1  It feels like the first half of the day because I got up too early. I think Nat said something about a conference in Europe.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Andy Oram: Linux kernel hackers at OSCON  Seven Portland-area Linux kernel hackers spoke at the O'Reilly Open Source convention.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Andy Lester: OSCON Day 2 - Less learnin', more talkin'  Fewer sessions today, but far more hallway meetings.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

brian d foy: OSCON D2.2  The second half of Day 2, where Eric Raymond reinvents open source awards.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Steve Mallett: OSCON6 -Talking to Non-Geeks, The Sequel  One of the most hotly debated, kicked around, confounding, blood-pressure raising, and generally exciting topic for the Java track at OSCON is the question of open sourcing Java.  [O'Reilly Weblogs]

brian d foy: OSCON D2.1  The first half of Day 2.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

brian d foy: My OSCON moblog  Pictures from OSCON, taken with my Nokia 3650.  [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Marc Hedlund: OSCON - Saving Lives with RT  Boy, I thought RT helped me out in my work, but my experience is nothing compared to this.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

NewsForge: OSCON Under Way  Most of the 1,500 OSCON 2004 attendees in Portland managed to shake off the city's abnormally hot weekend and the Portland Brewer's Festival to show up for informative training and discussion sessions on an array of open source languages and software as the event kicked off Monday.  [NewsForge]

The Joy of Tech: OSCON Essentials  Our favorite geek comic takes a friendly swipe at OSCON.  [The Joy of Tech]

brian d foy: OSCON D1.2  The second half of day one.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Andy Lester: OSCON Day 1 - All Damian, All the Time  Today is really just Damian Day, not that I'm complaining.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

John Adams: My possibly ignorant question about IP law and Open Source  Why would an ISP provide Open Source software to clients but find it too risky to use internally?   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

brian d foy: OSCON D1.1  The first half of day one at OSCON.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Andy Oram: Two Conventions  I left the political circus in Boston to spend a week with the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. Behind both OSCON and the DNC lie some essential principles.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

brian d foy: OSCON D-1  The day before OSCON starts, I get a tour of Portland.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Steve Mallett: OSCON6 -Talking to Non-Geeks - The Movie!  I got into Portland for OSCON a bit early. Three days early. So armed with my digital video camera I went out to talk to the locals to see what they knew about Open Source, Perl & PHP. Hilarity ensues.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Andy Lester: OSCON day 0, Off to Portland  Who ARE all these people?   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

Robert Kaye: On the road to OSCON  Time to head to Portland for this year's Open Source Conference -- I can't wait to geek to my heart's content for the next 5 days.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

brian d foy: OSCON D-2  The Open Source Convention starts on Monday, but my prep work started a long time ago. I might not be in Portland, but the conference has already started for me.   [O'Reilly Weblogs]

PostgreSQL At OSCON 2004  PostgreSQL will have a very full track at O'Reilly's OSCON in Portland, OR. This is likely to be our biggest convention presence in North America, don't miss it!   [PostgreSQL]

Nat Torkington: Brewfest the weekend before OSCON  If you are yet to book flights to the Open Source Convention, take into account that the Oregon Brewers Festival is happening the weekend before OSCON. "Sorry, boss, but the tickets are cheaper with a Saturday stay ..." (cue Barney burp[O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

Computerworld: Reach Path to 'Linux Nirvana'...   Linux lovers should forget the feud with Windows and think above and below the operating system. That's the advice from Tim O'Reilly, CEO of O'Reilly Media Inc. in Sebastopol, Calif. The publisher of open-source books and the impresario of the O'Reilly Open Source Convention being held later this month in Portland, Ore., argues that by emphasizing the operating system struggle, open-source zealots overlook opportunities to build successful business alternatives to proprietary technologies.   [Computerworld]

OSCON 2004 Talks  I'll be giving three talks at OSCON this year: "Learning PHP", "PHP Forms Made Easy with HTML_QuickForm", and "Cleaning up SOAP".  [david sklar]

Nat Torkington: Japanese Food in Portland  I've added this to the OSCON wiki: Japanese restaurants in Portland. For those of you who want miso with your Mono ...  [O'Reilly Network Weblogs]

OSCON Parties  Having a party? Want to invite people? The list is here!  [OSCON Wiki]

 Features and Photos

Open Source and NASA's Mars Rover  NASA's recent Mars Rover mission uses a host of open source tools. Three members of the team presented how they promoted open source software at NASA, use it in the project, and hope to release more code in the future. Ann Barcomb reports.   [ONLamp.com]

The Dan Sugalski Pie Series
The Dan Sugalski Pie Series One year later, Dan Sugalski has lost a bet to Guido van Rossum that Python will run faster on Parrot. The consequences? A pie in the face on stage the final day of OSCON. Then, just for good measure, Dan agreed to take a second shot to raise money for a benevolent cause. The whole series is captured here.

Chatting with the Dysons (OSCON Thursday)
Chatting with the Dysons (OSCON Thursday) After Thursday morning's keynote panel with Tim O'Reilly, Freeman Dyson, and George Dyson, many people in the audience might change their previous answer to this age old question: "Who would you most enjoy having a conversation with over dinner?" The new answer? Freeman and George Dyson. Talk about food for the brain.

Two Degrees of Freedom  The second morning keynote at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention in Portland, Oregon was really more of a conversation between Tim O'Reilly and the Dysons--Freeman and George. The fascinating discussion that ensued focused mainly on where biotechnology may take us in the future.   [O'Reilly Network]

The Expo Opens (OSCON Wednesday)
The Expo Opens (OSCON Wednesday) Wednesday is a day of firsts. The Expo hall opens, regular sessions begin, keynotes kick off the day, and parties close the night. This is OSCON in full swing and flying high.

O'Reilly Radar: OSCON 2004  Daniel Steinberg reports on Tim O'Reilly's OSCON 2004 keynote. Tim's remarks focused on what is currently on his radar. He discussed Internet applications and social software, and ended with the announcement that O'Reilly will be producing the third annual MySQL Conference this year in Santa Clara, California.   [O'Reilly Network]

Humor and Tribute (OSCON Tuesday)
Humor and Tribute (OSCON Tuesday) In many ways, Larry Wall mirrors the humor and the passion of this gathering. His "State of the Onion" address on Tuesday night was one of his most compelling ever. And this was after a full day of activity that was educational, yes, but not without its moments of lightheartedness.

OSCON 2004: The SCO Moot Court  SCO's lawsuits over Linux copyrights and Unix contracts are still going. Monday night featured a mock court, where lawyers presented the arguments of SCO and IBM to the attendees. Here's a rundown.   [O'Reilly Network]

Getting in Gear (OSCON Monday)
Getting in Gear (OSCON Monday) Day one at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention was for many, finding their way, then getting in gear. Tutorials ran all day in many of the session rooms, and the evening event featured the SCO Moot Court. Overall, the verdict for the first day was success.

Open Source Paradigm Shift  This article is based on a talk that I first gave at Warburg-Pincus' annual technology conference in May of 2003. Since then, I have delivered versions of the talk more than twenty times, at locations ranging from the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, the UK Unix User's Group, Microsoft Research in the UK, IBM Hursley, British Telecom, Red Hat's internal "all-hands" meeting, and BEA's eWorld conference.   [tim.oreilly.com]

Inside Mitch Kapor's World  Mitch Kapor has had a huge influence on the software world, being the founder of Lotus and a driving force behind 1-2-3. Now his Open Software Applications Foundation is working on Chandler, an open-source PIM written in Python. Steve Holden interviewed Mitch after the recent PyCon about his life and career, the OSAF, Chandler, open source, and Python.   [ONLamp.com]

Paul Graham on Hacking  Paul Graham is a hacker, a painter, and an essayist known as much for his thoughtful writings on spam, hacking, and Lisp as for creating the Arc programming language. In this interview with the O'Reilly Network, Paul discusses hacking, creativity, computer science education, and language design. Paul's collection of essays has just been released in a new book from O'Reilly, Hackers & Painters.   [ONLamp.com]

Why PHP 5 Rocks!  Adam Trachtenberg provides a quick tour around PHP 5, highlighting seven of his favorite new features. These features (including better support for OOP, bundled SQLite, iterators, and more cool stuff) will allow your PHP 5 code to be more concise, more elegant, and more flexible than ever. Adam is the author of the upcoming Upgrading to PHP 5.   [ONLamp.com]

Apocalypse 12  Larry Wall explains how objects and classes are to work in Perl 6.  [perl.com]

Browser Boom  Edd Dumbill reports on the boom in web-browser innovation as well as Mozilla and Opera's mysterious desertion of the W3C as a forum.   [XML.com]

Looking for Indemnification While Linux Sales Double  Tom Adelstein examines issues related to Linux use in the enterprise while copyright infringement claims exist.   [LinuxDevCenter.com]