Understanding SEO and Flash - Search Engine Optimization for Flash

by Todd Perkins
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This excerpt is from Search Engine Optimization for Flash. Search Engine Optimization for Flash dispels the myth that Flash-based websites won't show up in a web search by demonstrating exactly what you can do to make your site fully searchable -- no matter how much Flash it contains. You'll learn best practices for using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as well as SWFObject, for building sites with Flash that will stand tall in search rankings.

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Understanding SEO and Flash

HTML, video, and images are indexed by search engines and stored so you can easily find them in a web search. Recently, Adobe announced that some search engines (namely Google and Yahoo!) have been given a special version of the Flash Player that allows them to search through and index textual information found in Flash content.

Even though search engines can index some Flash content, it still takes special strategies to make the content more visible on the Web. One of the most popular websites, YouTube.com, uses a Flash-based video player, and is extremely visible on the Web. Part of the site’s success in terms of visibility is attributed to its HTML and other content on each page that work together to effectively to make the Flash content more visible to search engines. So, although a YouTube video may have very little searchable text, search engines know what’s in a video based on its HTML title and description. At least at this point, Flash SEO is less about making your Flash movie visible, and more about using effective, searchable HTML to make the content within your Flash movie easy for search engines to find.

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