Experimental Features

Updated March 4, 2003

When you see the Beta. symbol or "(Beta)", it indicates a feature on our web site that is in its experimental stages.

Experimental features are our way of implementing new and interesting things on our web sites on a trial basis. Some may become permanent features, others may be discontinued if they don't work well. Please don't count on these features being permanently available. In the event one of our experiments doesn't work well, we appreciate your patience, but please let us know of any difficulties you encounter.

We'd like to hear your feedback about these features--good or bad--and welcome your email comments at .

Current Experiments

TrackBacks: Trackbacks are a way of tracking comments that live on other sites, predominantly in various weblogs that are not part of the O'Reilly Network. When you click on a TrackBack link on one of our pages, you'll see a list of links to other sites, which contain comments readers have made on that page. TrackBacks provide immediate, live feedback when someone's discussing an article we've published, an ORN weblog, or a conference or conference session we're currently running.

If you are a blogger, you can use your regular blogging tool (assuming it supports the TrackBack specification) to ping our pages so that links to your comments are recorded. For more technical details of what TrackBack pings look like (they're XML), and the mechanics of how it all works, see the TrackBack Technical Specification.