O'Reilly Network Forums Tips

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In addition to the web interface provided, you can use any newsreader to access the forums. Just point your newsreader at to access the forums with your own reader.

Please do not include HTML formatting in your message, unless you actually want the code to appear for some reason. URLs will be automatically converted to links.

For most browsers, your text will wrap automatically in your post (but your hard returns will also be included). However, some less common browsers will not wrap text automatically. If this happens, you might want to let us know so we can look into the problem further -- please include the web browser name, version and operating system information.

When you post or reply to a message, there is usually a delay of up to a minute before the message appears on the site.

When searching forum message headers, all headers are searched...not just the subject line. This means you can search for messages from specific people, etc.

By default, the original message is not copied into your reply. If you need to quote specific portions of a previous post, we recommend you copy and paste the needed text in manually.