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Adobe GoLive Tip of the Week Easily Add Objects to Your Layout in Adobe GoLive 6

Edited by Derrick Story

Adobe GoLive 6 lets you quickly add graphical objects to your layout. Everything from JPGs to tables to QuickTime movies can be incorporated with lightning speed.

Most new GoLive users start with the Objects palette. From this palette, you can choose the type of object you want to add to your layout and drag it into position. This creates a "place holder" that can be populated by adding the correct file path in the Inspector.

Screen shot.
The Object palette provides you with a wide variety of "place holders" that you can drag and drop into your layout.

You can work even faster in this palette by simply double-clicking on the object; the corresponding place holder will be added to your page at the location of the flashing insertion-point bar. This saves you from having to drag and drop and allows for precise placement.

But GoLive gets even easier than that: if you simply right-click at the insertion point, you'll get a drop-down contextual menu, that, among other things, provides you with an Insert Object option. Choose Basic and you'll see all of the same object options that reside in the Objects palette. Let go of the mouse button and GoLive 6 will add your selection at the insertion point in your layout.

After you've used this feature a few times, GoLive will list the ten objects you've most recently inserted at the top of the list. See the screen shot below for an example.

Screen shot.
Simply right-click at the insertion point to gain access to all of your Objects options.

Note: Mac folks who don't use two-button mice yet can get the same menu by holding down the "ctrl" key and clicking.

To learn more about Adobe GoLive 6, visit Adobe's GoLive product page. If you want to learn more power user tricks, visit Adobe's Expert Center (Registration required).