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Learning Lab

ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 4
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1. Go to the ViennaSQL Web site and download the binary of ViennaSQL.

2. There is no real installation procedure for ViennaSQL, other than that any JDBC drivers used must be accessible to Java. Make a copy of the PointBase driver file and put it where ViennaSQL can find it. (In the following, substitute your server name for cfmx1.) Copy pbserver42RE.jar from:




3. We are going to tour ViennaSQL with the ColdFusion CFSnippets database, so you need to start ColdFusion MX (CFMXJ2EE).

4. Once ColdFusion MX has started, log on to the CFMX Administrator through a browser window.

5. From the Data and Services menu, select Data Sources.

6. From the data sources displayed, select CFSnippets for editing.

The display shows the basic detail about the CFSnippets, as defined to CFMX. (This data source was automatically configured as part of the CFMX install.) We will use this information to define data source connection to ViennaSQL.

7. Double-click on the vienna.jar file that you downloaded above.

8. After a few moments, the ViennaSQL window appears. From the window's File menu, select Configure....

9. A window pops up displaying the ViennaSQL options. Click on the Connections tab.

10. A list of the available connections (data sources) will appear. Click the New Connection icon (upper right).

11. A new connection window pops up, and a blank connection definition is displayed. Most of the information requested is exactly the same as what is shown in the CFMX Administrator data source. You can copy the information from the CFMX Administrator, or from the text below. Be careful, as the driver class and JDBC URL appear in a different order between the two systems (CFMX and ViennaSQL). Once the information is complete, click the Test button to validate the connection. Note: the password for all the CFMX-installed databases is PBPUBLIC.

Connection name: CFSnippets
Driver class: com.pointbase.jdbc.jdbcUniversalDriver
URL (no breaks): jdbc:pointbase:cfsnippets,database.home=/Applications/JRun4/ servers/cfmx1/cfusion/WEB-INF/cfusion/db
User name: PBPUBLIC
Password: PBPUBLIC

12. A Connection Test window pops up. If all went well, the display shows that the JDBC driver was loaded and a connection was made to the database. Click the Dismiss button to dismiss this window.

13. In the New connection window, click OK to save the connection we just defined and tested. The New connection window disappears and the ViennaSQL options window is re-displayed, showing the CFSnippets connection we just defined.

14. In the ViennaSQL options window, click OK to exit the configuration process. The main ViennaSQL window is re-displayed.

15. In the main ViennaSQL window, select CFSnippets from the connection drop-down (upper right -- it shows [Disconnected]). The window will re-display with a message at the bottom saying that you are connected to the CFSnippets database.

16. From the window's menu bar select Query ---> Schema. A Select schema popup window appears.

Pages: 1, 2, 3

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