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The Week in Linux News

by Baiju Thakkar

More on Security

Concerns over security never end. Here are a few articles on how to combat the bad guys and secure your systems.

  • Intrusion Detection Primer
    Last month the news media were inundated with reports of Internet vandals unleashing DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks on major web sites. Almost all attacks on computer networks can be prevented if system administrators take the appropriate steps to secure and monitor their networks.
  • Securing Linux and IP-Masquerading
    As the Internet has proliferated through our society and computers are becoming more of a household appliance than a luxury, more people are trying to find easier ways to cut costs and share Internet connections in their homes and offices.
  • Using Mason to Build a Firewall
    To say this is simple is an understatement. Mason's going to do the dirty work for you. While you're making all kinds of TCP/IP connections, Mason will create firewall rules that match those kinds of traffic.
  • LIDS -- Linux Intrusion Detection System
    The Linux Intrusion Detection System is a patch that enhances the kernel's security. Implementing it makes many system administration operations impossible -- even for root.

Some Perl, Some PHP, Some Java

PHP is fast becoming one of the most popular languages for developing web applications. Here are a few recent articles to help you with your development.

  • PHP and Apache Intro
    PHP is a great embedded programming language, very powerful and C-like, and very easy to understand if you have any programming background. You could compare PHP with the likes of ColdFusion and ASP, but I think it has more functionality and flexibility.
  • Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP: Guide v2
    PHP3 is pretty much history, and PHP4 with Zend is the future. Bundling it with Apache 1.3.12 and MySQL, makes a powerful team. This guide is a complete rewrite of the original LAMP guide, in the tradition of the PHP Engine rewrites.
  • Developing Web Applications with PHP -- Part III
    Once you understand this example of creating your own bookmark, you will be able to do basic mySQL operations with PHP3.
  • Under The Hood of PHP 4
    A good overview (underview?) of what makes it tick.

Perl is also more popular than ever. And no, I am not just saying that because it's my favorite. According to, demand for Perl jobs has doubled within the last six months. So master Perl, and you will also be in high demand. Here are a few articles that will lead you in that direction.

  • Perlmonth Issue No. 10
    This issue of PerlMonth has six comprehensive articles. The topics include: mod_perl, MacPerl, XML, XS, HTML::Mason, Slices, and Typeglobs.
  • My Life With Spam: Part 3
    Mark-Jason Dominus writes: "I get a lot of spam mail, and I don't like that. I used to get upset every time I read my mail and had to throw out a bunch of spam, so I decided to put some effort into writing a program that would filter my e-mail and discard spam automatically. Then my blood pressure would stay low."
  • Perl professionals -- IT Salary Tracker
    "Demand for Perl has done nothing but expand, and the outlook for future job growth is very good. stats show a 200% increase in Perl jobs nationwide since September 1999."

Java is increasing its popularity once again, especially on Linux. Many companies are releasing their Java products for Linux. Sun is also jumping in with releasing source code for Forte. Could releasing of the source code for Java itself be far behind? We'll just have to wait and see. (Ed note: Don't hold your breath.)

  • Why Java developers like Linux
    The number of tools has exploded in the last few months. Major vendors such as Cygnus (now owned by Red Hat), IBM, and Sun have all released IDEs, Java Developer Kits (JDKs), compilers, and other critical pieces for developing Java on Linux.
  • Sun to Release Java Source Code for Forte
    Sun said the decision illustrates the company's commitment to open source technologies and marks the first step in a major new Sun initiative to make Java tools and components available more broadly to drive innovation.

Product Installs and Reviews

Various sites have new reviews on different products.

  • How to install Red Hat Linux on Virtual PC
    How to install Red Hat 6.1 Server or Workstation on a G4/450 running Virtual PC 3. And they said it couldn't be done! Perish the thought.
  • Corel Linux Deluxe: A First Look
    "Corel Linux Deluxe is the first distribution (that I am aware of) that ships with a penguin!"
  • XFree86 4.0 Install and Impressions
    I have been anxiously awaiting XFree86 4.0 for several months. After reading about it from the initial announcement and reading the updates posted on the XFree86 web site and on sites like, I knew that I would be wanting this on my system the minute it became available. This document could be considered a "how-to," but. ...
  • Installing and Configuring Tripwire 2.2.1 on SuSE 6.x Newbieized Help File
    Tripwire is a straightforward tool with a single purpose: detect any variance in file integrity. This means that Tripwire can absolutely, unequivocally determine if a protected file has been altered in a way that violates the policy set by the administrator.

Apache News

The first alpha release of Apache 2.0 was distributed at the ApacheCon 2000. ApacheWeek has a preview of the 2.0 version. The article answers questions such as: Why update Apache at all? and What does this mean for Apache administrators?

Thanks for reading.

Baiju Thakkar
Linux Bureau Chief
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