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Peer-to-Peer Summit Attendees


What about those who weren't there?

  • Steve Burbeck, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM
  • Rael Dornfest, Senior Developer, O'Reilly Network
  • Dale Dougherty, Publisher, O'Reilly Network
  • Dan Gillmor, Columnist, San Jose Mercury News
  • Andy Hertzfeld, Software Wizard, Co-Founder of Eazel
  • Gene Kan, Founder, GoneSilent.com
  • Bob Knighten, Peer-to-Peer Evangelist, Intel Corporation
  • Kevin Lenzo, Systems Scientist/Founder, Carnegie Mellon University/Cepstral, LLC
  • Jeremie Miller, Founder, Jabber
  • Scott Miller, Developer/Security Analyst, Freenet
  • Nelson Minar, CTO, Popular Power
  • Darren New, Senior Member Technical Staff, Invisible Worlds
  • Tim O'Reilly, CEO, O'Reilly & Associates
  • Andy Oram, Editor, O'Reilly & Associates
  • Ray Ozzie, CEO, Groove Networks
  • Clay Shirky, Partner, acceleratorgroup
  • David Stutz, Software Architect, Microsoft
  • Michael Tiemann, CTO, Red Hat
  • Bernard Traversat, Senior Staff, Advanced Research & Development, Aspen Lab Sun Microsystems
  • Jon Udell, Journalist, byte.com

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