Beta Broadcast 002: Data for Web 2.0

by Daniel H. Steinberg

This week, O'Reilly's audio magazine program Distributing the Future takes a look at the Data for Web 2.0. Tim O'Reilly explains "What is Web 2.0," Marc Hedlund thinks about the browsers of the future that might mash up the private data on your hard drive with data that lives on the Web, NAVTEQ's Robert Denaro explains why NAVTEQ drives so many miles each day to gather the geographic information you use in your favorite online mapping applications, Phil Torrone is already hacking the iPod nano, and our "FOO Cast" is more of Richard Giles' Gadget show interview with John Batelle. (24 minutes, 52 seconds)

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Send feedback on this program to This week we experimented with compressing the file a little more aggressively into a smaller file. Let us know if that worked for you. I also used a little more energy in the transitions between stories--I'll be toning that back a little next week--but feel free to weigh in on that as well.

Distributing the Future Beta Broadcast Number 002: Show Notes

Show open: Start: 00:00, Duration: 0:57

The initial montage is from Tim O'Reilly, recorded at OSCON '04 and in a phone interview with Doug Kaye of ITConversations, and is used with permission. "The future is here, it's just not evenly distributed yet" is a quote from author William Gibson that Tim used with attribution. The theme music is composed and performed by David Battino.

Tim O'Reilly on What is Web 2.0: Start: 00:57, Duration: 6:23

Tim O'Reilly talks about what is meant by Web 2.0 and the architecture of participation. This is excerpted from a press conference phone call that Tim and John Batelle gave to members of the press. You can find the whole thirty minutes posted at Information Week. We will have another excerpt as part of next week's program.

Marc Hedlund: Merging public and private data Start: 07:20, Duration: 5:12

This week On the O'Reilly Radar, O'Reilly entrepreneur in residence Marc Hedlund talks about your personal and public data. More and more we use full featured web applications that require you store your data out on the open Web. Maybe there is data that you would rather not have accessible. Marc considers browsers that can merge data you keep privately on your hard drive with public data using a rich application.

Driving the Mean streets: Start: 12:32, Duration: 4:20

Many of your favorite mapping applications--Google Maps,, and Mapquest--all use the same geographic data. It's provided by NAVTEQ. Robert Denaro explains how and why NAVTEQ drives around looking for data and doesn't just consult satellite images.

Void your warranty--iPod nano: Start: 16:52, Duration: 3:20

Apple just announced the iPod nano and already Make Magazine associate editor Phil Toronne is already hacking the nano. Here's also a Make review of the nano and an item on HOW TO play video on iPods.

Guest FOO cast--The Gadget Show: Start: 20:12, Duration: 3:43

In this clip, Gadget Show host Richard Giles has just asked John Batelle about his role as band manager of BoingBoing. John is rolling out a new business based around being a band manager for authors and other content providers.

Show close: Start: 23:55, Duration: 0:57

Credits including special thanks to David Battino for composing and performing the theme music. David can be found at and also edits O'Reilly's Digital Audio site. David provided a lot of help and feedback getting this program launched. We used Soundtrack Pro, Skype, and Audio Hijack Pro to put this program together.

Total running time: 24:52

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